Laura thought she'd nail her first job interview. But then she turned up a month... early.

Some people are just… early.

They’re waiting at the cafe 10 minutes before you planned to meet up.

They never miss an appointment.

When you come running into the office at 8.59am, all sweaty, they’re sitting at their desks, serenely filing away their emails.

But a woman named Laura MacLean has taken this whole being early thing a step too far.

You see, Laura turned up to a job interview a whole month early.

The management and marketing student explained on Twitter that she had applied for a job at Microsoft and they had set up a Skype interview with her.

On the morning of her interview she woke up early, had a full breakfast, got her hair and makeup done, and did some more research on the company.

Then she sat in front of her computer, nervously waiting for the company to join the call.

Except… they didn’t. 

After about 15 minutes, panic set in and Laura emailed the recruiter.

“I haven’t received a Skype call yet for my interview?” she wrote.” Just wondering it it’s working.”

The company replied and said the interview was scheduled for February 18 at the same time and they looked forward to speaking to her then.

Laura then replied, “It is the 18th of February and it was scheduled for 11am?”

Finally, Microsoft had to reply and explain to Laura that it was actually January 18 and she was a full month early for her interview.

Here’s the full ~ slightly cringe-worthy ~ email exchange:

millennial job interview
millennial job interviewmillennial job interviewmillennial job interview

While Laura was worried she'd blown her chance at the job, the people of Twitter think the opposite is possibly true:



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