The best hashtag on Instagram.

Move over brelfies.

Your time has come and gone.

You have been replaced.

With the most ridiculously cute hashtag of all time.


British journalist Sophia Walker has set up a blog dedicated to the new hashtag taking over Instagram. On her blog,, she shares photos that parents have posted of their bub being #milkdrunk.

For those still scratching their head… milk drunk is that stage when your baby has just finished feeding (bottle or breast) and they have that sleeping, half drunk look on their face.

Walker says that 500 new photos of #milkdrunk babies are uploaded onto Instagram every week.

That’s a lot of cuteness.

Some parents even post videos like this one:

Video via Instagram

Or this one:

Video via Instagram

We went on a hunt of Instagram under the hashtag #milkdrunk and these are the most adorable photos we could find.

We would love to see your #milkdrunk baby so please share your photo with us, either in the comments on Facebook or tag us on Instagram (@themotherish).

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