Miley Cyrus wore two ice-cream cones to a party.

Once again, Miley Cyrus has come in like a wrecking ball.

21-year-old Miley has just attended a New York Fashion Week after-party thrown by the Creative Director of Balenciaga, Alexander Wang. And what did she bring?

Boobs. Miley brought boobs to the Wang party.

Boobs and Wang.

The obviously shy 21-year-old popstar showed her 21-year-old assets by wearing ice-cream-shaped nipple-tassel stickers. Because of course. And an ice-cream nipple-tassel outfit just wouldn’t be complete without a pair of marijuana leaf earrings, some pill-covered sunglasses, and a weird pink body-glitter rash.

Nothing says ‘fashion’ like no clothing.

We respect the mid-life crisis that Miley is going through at age 21. But we do have some questions about logistics:

How often will we fall over when wearing pill-covered sunglasses at an indoor party at night?
What is the best flavour ice-cream nipple-tassel?
Should we bring a jacket for the cab ride home?
Is it okay to do a late-night Maccas run in tassels? Will we get free 30c cones?
Is it a bad idea to dance to ‘Jump Around’ or ‘Shake It’?

If you’re worried about her sanity, don’t be.

She’s just being Miley.

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