Why is Miley Cyrus’ picture such a big deal?

Miley doing what she does best. (Image: Getty)

When Miley Cyrus posted a photo (below) wearing nipple pasties as an homage to Joan Jett, a stream of vitriolic comments started amassing on the Instagram picture.

It wasn’t the fact that her breasts were on display that fueled the hatred. Or the fact she was sticking her middle finger up. For some reason, this “news” has outraged many because Miley Cyrus did not shave her underarms. Apparently some aren’t aware that it’s normal for hair to grow out of a woman’s armpit.

Miley Cyrus and her armpit hair...and nipple pasties, "rude finger", etc, etc. (Image: Instagram)

Despite what Photoshop will have you believe, the armpits of grown women aren’t naturally a fuzz-free zone.

It seems Miley's followers aren't aware of this fact. “Shave your pits,” demanded one follower. Another decided to unfollow the singer due to her underarm hair: “Reasons I unfollowed Miley #1: armpit hair”. “,” moaned another.

Miley is the queen of shock value. She’s the good Disney girl gone bad. These days, the crotch-flashing, nipple pastie-loving Miley wild child is unrecognisable from the “Party in the USA” teen queen of yesteryear. (Post continues after gallery.)

After everything Miley’s done – from her tongue-thrusting twerking with Robin Thicke at her unforgettable VMAs performance, to speaking publicly about using deadly drugs such as MDMA – who would've thought that it would be her armpit hair that would cause such a fuss?

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Don’t you think that Miley’s “J” nipple pasties, S&M-inspired photo and defiant “rude finger” are far more eye-catching than her wispy, pale armpit hair?

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The funny thing is that, before Pit-Gate broke, I had looked at these pics of Miley’s and not even noticed her armpit hair. Maybe I’m getting old and my eyes are failing me. Or maybe, it’s because it’s Not A Big Deal™.

Armpit hair has been the last taboo of beauty. It seems that we can go without makeup, we can leave our pubic hair un-Brazilianed, and everything is okay. But grow out your armpit hair, and you will be labelled as disgusting and unfeminine.

This seems ridiculous, as body hair is a normal part of being a grown woman. Most of the time, you won’t even see someone’s armpits. How many of us walk around with our arms in the air all the time, like a gymnast completing a flip at the Olympics?  I’m pretty sure you spend most of your time with your arms by your side.

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And, let’s not forget, that men walk around with tufts of hair spewing from their armpits, and no-one rags on them about it. Sure, Miley could have cropped out her armpit hair from that photo, but she didn’t. I love her for that. Criticise Miley as much as you want, but at least she is the master of her own body.

Miley Cyrus with Paul McCartney and Joan Jett. (Image: Instagram)

With all the focus on Miley's body, we take away her agency and achievements. Miley performed with rock ’n’roll legend Joan Jett, and she's an advocate for the homeless, but all we’re talking about is the hair that naturally grows out from her underarms. Miley, you and your hairy armpits can keep partying in the USA – nay, the world - because we’ve totally got your back on this one.

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