Mila Kunis and Princess Beatrice prove the celeb world is a very small place.

It seems that the world is incredibly small when it comes to celebrities.

Case in point Mila Kunis and Princess Beatrice.

Who would have know the actress and British royal were such good pals?

Kunis celebrated her 32nd birthday with Princess Beatrice, with the duo using an Uber to get around with their partners Ashton Kutcher and Dave Clark.

In the process of which, they took the best. Selfie. Ever.

The Uber drivers, Princess Beatrice, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. (Image via Instagram)

Their Uber driver who scored the selfie, David Capellan, even told E! News what they were all chatting away about in the car. "They were pretty hilarious," Capellan said.

The foursome were apparently swapping yacht stories with each other. Princess Beatrice mentioning her time on Oprah Winfrey's yacht. Oh to be rich, famous and royal.

WATCH the video below to hear Kunis talking about her pregnancy and engagement. Post continues after video...

Video via The Ellen Show

Apparently the foursome are very friendly and down to earth. It makes us love them all even more.

Did you know Mila Kunis and Princess Beatrice were friends?

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