The Kutcher family portrait that will make your ovaries melt.

We’ve waited three months to see Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ baby. And it turns out it was worth it.

Ashton and Mila Kutcher welcomed their adorable baby girl into the world less than three months ago. And now pictures have finally emerged of baby Wyatt, as the world has waited to have a sneak peak at the genetically -blessed cherub.

A family selfie has emerged showing Wyatt front and centre. And a second photo, taken when the trio dressed as the three little pigs for Halloween, shows Wyatt at around four weeks old.


But the photo that takes the cake is that of Ashton carrying Wyatt. Who is dressed as a baby bear cub. We would shake Ashton’s hand too…

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These pics arrive hot on the heels of speculation about whether or not Ashton and Mila have secretly tied the knot, after posting an ambiguous photo to Facebook.

Mila Kunis puts a ring on it. Motherhood, that is.

To date, neither of the pair has released a statement to confirm or deny these rumours, but we think the picture speaks for itself:

“Happy New Year. Love the Kutchers.” Via Facebook.

Stay tuned folks. We can only hope that a new year brings more pics of the world’s most genetically blessed baby – and her handsome parents too.