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1. Inside the wild rumour that MAFS‘ Natasha slept with Mikey’s dad.

Well. The MAFS rumour mill has certainly been in overdrive over the past few weeks.

And now there’s a new rumour going around that Mikey’s dad supposedly slept with his son’s former on-screen wife, Natasha. Yep, it’s pretty wild.

You see, Stacey told New Idea that Mikey told her that Natasha hooked up with his dad.

“Mikey said, ‘I’m pretty sure [Natasha] hooked up with my dad (or at least) I’m pretty sure she’s hooking up with my dad,” she told the publication.

But this morning, Mikey set the record straight on Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa.

“No it’s not true, it’s ridiculous. Stacey and Natasha, now they’re best friends, were not friends at all during the show, went head to head, didn’t see eye to eye at all. Now they are all best friends, because alliances are happening, this is peak season for throwing people under the bus, so there have been a lot of accidents. Obviously they’d come together, it looks like they’ve come up with this story, I’m just going off the front page [New Idea].”

And it turns out Mikey’s dad isn’t too pleased about the story either.

“He’s not happy about it, he’s like ‘why am I getting involved in this stuff’, he was against me doing it in the first place, the last thing I want to do is get my family involved… He would never do something like that, it would be completely weird, but it’s just so farfetched.”


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Thanks to this man for an amazing trip ! No way in my wildest dreams could I afford a trip like that ! Love you dad #backtoreality ????

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Mikey went on to say the only time his dad would have socialised with Natasha was during the family visits on the show.

“Let me clear his name, I know for 100 per cent absolute certainty that he would never and has never slept with Natasha or done anything like it, messaged or anything, I completely have his back.”

Mikey also said the rumour is brought up during the reunion episode, so we’ll probably see it all go down when the series comes to an end.

But for now, Married At First Sight returns tonight at 7:30pm on Nine.

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2. “I wouldn’t do it again.” Sam Ball is back on social media and you can bet he’s talking about ex-wife Lizzie.

The long-awaited response to Lizzie’s return to MAFS from ex-husband Sam Ball has come, and it’s just about what everyone expected.

After a six-month social media hiatus, the 27-year-old, who is best remembered for cheating on Elizabeth Sobinoff with Ines Basic, took to his Instagram story to wish the bride luck – with a hint of… something.

Responding to a few Q&As from his followers, Sam said: “Good on her if that’s what she wants to do to find love. Everyone that’s been in the experiment knows how set up [it is], and what goes on behind the scenes. I wouldn’t do it again.”

He answered several questions about Lizzie, including whether he would catch up with her again, to which he responded: “No, I wouldn’t. I don’t think we share the same interests. There’s things that happened and that were in her control after the show, that she didn’t have to do or comment on, which she did.”


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Such a good night out catching up with a very close mate of mine after 5 years apart!!

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Sam shared that he took a break from social media to clear his mind and focus on the important things, but forgot it was there after a week.

“After a week of not having it if you forget it is even there and all focus goes into the people around you, friends and family, Partners and self-growth in life. Thinking of having a bit of fun with it this time.

“I feel like it’s healthy to have a little break from Facebook and Instagram and other forms of social media so you can clear your mind and focus on more important things in life such as relationships, being the happiest you can be whilst focusing on work and your own life.”

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3. There are whispers Meghan Markle is keen to play a superhero upon her return to acting.

According to the Daily Mail, Meghan Markle might be making a return to acting following her exit from the Royal family, as told by a source linked to her agent.

The source claims that “[Her agent] has said she wants her return to acting to be part of an ensemble cast in something like a superhero film.

“Meghan is planning a series of meetings in Hollywood. She has already done the voiceover for Disney and now word is out that she’s looking for a superhero film, as a voiceover or even on screen,” they said.


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Today, on International Day of Education, we highlight the importance of access to education for all. The Duchess of Sussex has focused on this both prior to becoming a member of the Royal Family and now as patron of The Association of Commonwealth Universities (@The_ACU_Official). • Working closely with CAMA, both The Duke and Duchess recognise the benefit both personally and to society at large when a young girl has access to education. On their recent tour to Southern Africa, The Duke supported the initiatives of @Camfed on the ground in Malawi ????????. • Over the years, The Duchess has worked in developing communities, such as in Rwanda ???????? and India ???????? , to find the hindrances to girls’ ability to go to school and furthermore to stay in school. These can include lack of access to clean water, stigma surrounding MHM, cultural taboo, and many more reasons…. • As President and Vice President of The @Queens_Commonwealth_Trust, The Duke and Duchess thank all those who are working to give access to education for all. Image © World Vision / PA / @mynamahila / SussexRoyal

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“She’s determined to act again and she thinks a big, ensemble film is the way to go… something that pays big but which doesn’t put her front and centre.”

We’re not sure how true this rumour is, but if it is, well, we’d love to see Meghan in the next few Marvel movies, so let’s hope she makes it.

4. Jasmine Yarbrough and Karl Stefanovic have given us a bump update on Instagram and it’s for a great cause.

Jasmine Yarbrough and Karl Stefanovic are largely keeping their first pregnancy on the down-low but they’ve lately been giving fans a few more details.

In the past week, the Today host confirmed to Nine Honey that they’re expecting a baby girl with a May due date and now Jasmine has shared a photo of her baby bump on Instagram.

And it couldn’t be for a better cause either.


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Appearing in clothing label, Camilla and Marc’s “Ovaries. Talk about them” campaign, both Jasmine and Karl wore versions of their charity t-shirts, with Jasmine’s hand placed on top of her baby bump.

“If this campaign means that we could help one woman detect this early, if we could just save one life, this will all be worth it,” she wrote in the caption.

“The devastating impact this disease has is generational – for daughters, mothers, sisters and wives and not forgetting the sons, fathers, brothers and husbands that experience the loss of a loved one too soon.

“We hope that we can drive enough awareness, research and funding to find a cure or at the very least find a way to detect this disease early. If this test becomes a reality sooner rather than later, our daughters won’t have to face the same dire statistics that we currently face today.”

Other celebrities involved in the worthy campaign include model Jess Hart, Jess Rowe, Zoe Foster-BlakeRenée Bargh and Deborah Hutton.


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There are three versions of the t-shirts retailing from $140 to $160, with 100 per cent of proceeds going to Ovarian Cancer Research.

5. A very thorough investigation into which Love Is Blind couples are actually still together.

Warning: This post definitely contains spoilers for Love Is Blind on Netflix.

Is everyone… okay?

Our absolutely ridiculous journey of watching strangers get engaged without even seeing each other has come to an end, with a lot of gut wrenching at-the-altar rejection, a runaway bride and yes, a couple of happy newlyweds.

love is blind where are they now
Image: Instagram.

A quick recap of the finale, uploaded to Netflix last week: Obviously, Jessica said no to Mark, probably because he wasn’t Barnett and also, did you know she’s 10 years older than him? Damien told Giannina her constant mood swings were too confusing for him, leading her to literally… sprint away, and Kelly ditched poor, unsuspecting Kenny at the altar leaving us all well and truly shook.

But on the bright side, Barnett decided he didn’t mind marrying Amber and her unpaid debt, and everyone’s favourites Lauren and Cameron continued to be a shining light in this absolute clusterf*** of a show.

But this was filmed way back in 2018, so… basically, we needed to know if the 2/5 couples that said ‘I Do’ are still together more than a year later, and if any of the others got back together.

We got into detective mode and searched the internet for clues, and here’s what we found:

Jessica and Mark.

love is blind jessica mark
Image: Netflix.

Surprising precisely no one, it appears Jessica and Mark are not together.

In an interview with USA Today, Jessica said she'd recently began dating again, putting the final nail into the coffin that was her and Mark's relationship.

"I'm actually dating around, but nothing serious. I didn’t date for a long time, after the show, but I recently started up again. It’s been really great. I’m actually in L.A. now. So it’s been a nice change from Atlanta. Atlanta is a tough place to date," she said.

See which other Love Is Blind couples are still together, in our earlier article here.

Feature Image: Instagram @tashki_ /Nine. 

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