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1. “It was quite degrading. It wasn’t nice.” A radio host has opened up about interview with MAFS’ Mike Gunner.

It seems like Married at First Sight groom Mike Gunner had a little bit of a run in with 90.0 Sea FM radio host, Bella Frizza, with the former MAFS Season 3 contestant calling their on-air encounter “quite degrading”.

The source of the conflict began when Frizza’s colleagues suggested her and Gunner were an item after they were photographed together on the Gold Coast by the Daily Mail, with the radio announcer sharing the photo on her Instagram.

However, the 43-year-old did not take to the suggestion very… kindly.

“Yeah, I’d love to take that up with you actually,” he said on air.

“I was invited to an event, we take one photo together and then suddenly everyone’s talking about us being together.

“Frankly that’s inaccurate and you knew it. You’ll have to explain to me how that’s funny.”


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Frizza later went on her Instagram stories to share her side of the altercation.

“It was a fun day, but I was just really upset that I had been spoken to in a way that was quite degrading. It wasn’t nice,” she said, thanking her Instagram fans for their messages of support.

“Look I never speak to people like that.

“Sometimes we make jokes on the radio, and you know, I understand sometimes that can be taken the wrong way. But there’s no need to get nasty.”


Hmmm… let’s just chalk this one up to a misunderstanding?

2. “It’s a bullshit job.” David Koch just got real about Sunrise.

David ‘Kochie’ Koch is a Sunrise institution.

The financial journalist turned morning television host has been on the air since 2002 (that’s nearly 17 years).

Speaking to Today FM’s Kyle and Jackie O, the 63-year-old had some choice words about his contract extension which will see him continue as host until 2020.

“It was a bit of a surprise to re-sign but I love it,” he said.

“It is a bulls**t job.”

Now we know nearly two decades of early morning starts can take its toll, but before you go thinking Kochie’s cheery morning disposition is a complete lie, the presenter clarified his comments.


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“It’s not like being a doctor or doing something worthwhile in the world but you can use it to help other people do things,” he shared.

“If you can use your position to do that sort of stuff (help others), I really love it, really love it.”

So long story short, there’s no love lost between Kochie and Sunrise and thank goodness for that.


3. Social media accounts of Shanelle Cartwright and Taylor Winterstein have been restricted due to anti-vax message.

Facebook is punishing those who are using their platform to spread dangerous and inaccurate anti-vaccination information.

Reported by Daily Telegraph, this new procedure has targeted two famous Australian WAGS who are also anti-vaxxers: Shanelle Cartwright, married to Titans player Bryce Cartwright, and Taylor Winterstein, wife of Penrith Panthers’ Frank Winterstein.

Both of these WAGs, who are also friends, have had restrictions placed on their Instagram account because of their views on vaccinations.


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I’m back in the game✊????! Thanks @instagram for fixing the issue after the 18372782711374 report asking to resolve the problem on my account????. While my page was being censored, I kinda had my hands full anyway????????… Mothers are the foundation of the family and we intuitively know our babies best. My babies don’t deserve to feel the chaos and hostility buzzing around us at the moment. So if you think for one second I will allow any of that nonsense to penetrate our family unit, think again. We are unbreakable. We are rock solid and we are calm in the midst of the storm. Regardless of what happens in the “online world”, the only thing that truly matters is what happens in the REAL world, right here in our home and in our hearts. Peace and love to everyone. BE BRAVE! ✌???? #familyovereverything #mywhy #nextgeneration #believemothers #bebrave #tays_way_

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Winterstein has recently been promoting via her Instagram a workshop she is running on ‘Making Informed Choices’, selling tickets for $200.

On Wednesday, Taylor Winterstein told her 17,000 followers, “I still don’t have access to my main IG page and can not post, so I will have to do all future posts on IG stories only, until my page stops being censored.”

Two weeks ago, Shanelle Cartwright also said on her Instagram stories, “A few of you have asked me to post more vaccine things.”

“I’m actually not going to because my page was censored for about a week a couple of weeks ago so I’m not going to.

“My friend Tay, her account has been censored. She can’t post at all on it, only on the stories so it’s a bit hard for her to keep posting.”


According to the Daily Telegraph, Instagram’s changes mean they cannot post to the platform permanently, but rather on a feed which will disappear after 24 hours.

4. Oh. A four-year-old boy asked Prince Harry when the real Prince Harry would be arriving.

Well this is a little awkward.

A four-year-old by the name of Emmanuel Osei had a run in with Prince Harry while the royal was meeting with the students of St. Vincent’s Catholic Primary School in Acton London, except he took a little convincing.

Speaking to People Magazine, teaching assistant Philomena Frattura, shared the adorable incident.

prince harry
“But I’m Prince Harry,” responded the royal. Image: Getty.

“One of [the students] tapped him and said, ‘When is Prince Harry coming?’" she recalled.

“He said, ‘But I’m Prince Harry.’

“The student then said, ‘When is the real Prince Harry coming?’

“Harry replied, ‘I’m the real Harry. I’ve just had my hair cut for the occasion.’”

Fellow learning mentor, Diane Redmond, said the confusion was probably due to the fact that Prince Harry wasn't wearing his crown, something which like tiaras, are only worn by the royal family on select occasions.

"They think a prince should have a crown," she said.


5. "We all know it's not completely real." MAFS Sam reveals how his affair with Ines was scripted.

Grab. The. Popcorn.

It's been nearly a month since Sam Ball and Ines Basic left Married at First Sight after their controversial affair, but yes we are still talking about it. Because Sam has just confirmed all of our suspicions that their rendezvous' were scripted and manipulated by Channel 9 producers.


Talking on the Fitzy and Wippa show on Friday morning, the participant of the social experiment really had no limits with how much he was willing to share.

"We all know it's not completely real," he told the radio hosts.

"I was definitely quite attracted to Ines in a little way but yea there was definitely push and manipulated...in a way that it shouldn't have been."

"Your words get switched around", he said, before adding that in certain situations producers would tell him: "It will sound great if you say this..."

"You get really deep and you just can't pull out of it," Ball explained. "It's a completely different world, you're wired up, you've got the cameras on and you're on."

"You get really deep and you just can't pull out of it," Ball explained. Image via Channel 9.

Sam then denied one of the biggest rumours about their affair, claiming they "never slept together".

When asked by Fitzy if there was an exact moment when Sam decided to "put [his] foot down with Channel 9" and leave the show, he replied with a definite yes.

"That last dinner party before that commitment ceremony when I went to leave was...yea...there was a lot behind the scenes that was going on between Ines and I that...I couldn't do it, I had to go."

And EXCUSE US but what was going on behind the scenes that we weren't privy to????

You can read the full article about Sam's interview, plus Ines' X-rated response, here.

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