The tearful moment former NSW Premier Mike Baird sees his daughter in her wedding dress.

We’re used to seeing the public life of former NSW Premier Mike Baird; the politicking, the hand-shaking, the press interviews.

But through photographs of his daughter’s wedding, we have a glimpse at the private man; the proud father.

Taken and shared by James Day of Daylight Photography, the intimate pictures capture the moment Baird, 49, first glimpsed his eldest, Laura, in her wedding dress ahead of her Saturday ceremony in Manly.

“I asked him if he could close his eyes and face the other way as I said to him, ‘When you turn around you’ll see your daughter dressed as a bride’,” Day wrote on Facebook.

“Instantly Mike started tearing up and I was fortunate to witness this incredible moment.”

"I asked him if he could close his eyes." Image: supplied by Daylight Photography.

The father of three announced his daughter's engagement to Levi Baker back in January.

"It feels as if only yesterday I was cradling Laura in my arms. A reminder for all that time as a parent just goes too quickly, and every day is one to savour," Baird wrote on social media.

The beautiful moment. Image supplied by Daylight Photography.

"We love you Laura and are so thrilled for you both! Levi will make a wonderful addition to our family and, as my son said, he finally gets a brother!

"(Oh, and Levi... The exhaustive background checks I requested from the Police Minister came back just fine...)"

Farewell, flower crowns. Post continues below.

Mike Baird resigned from politics in January, citing the ill health of his mother and sister among his reasons for stepping down.

“There is a strong personal cost that comes in public life, and I probably felt that more it than any other time in the past few months," he told a press conference.

Baird also said his decision would offer his children - Laura, Cate and Luke - the chance to forge their own paths.

“It is a bit of a relief for them, they are running their own lives, they want their own identity," he said. "There is obviously scrutiny and other things that come [with being the premier's children]."

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