After a week of drama, the pollies totally won Twitter last night.

Mike Baird, Julie Bishop and The Bachelor.

Last night the nation watched on as Sam Wood (aka Australia’s beige-est bachelor) um’d and ah’d over his final choice on The Bachelor finale.

Would it be single mum Parmigiana or the Disney Princess Lana who took home the much sought after final rose?

Missed it? Read Rosie’s hilarious recap here.

As it turns out, even our politicians aren’t immune from bachie fever… NSW Premier Mike Baird hilariously live-tweeted the whole thing, proving not only that he is adept at social media but also the country’s daggiest dad.

It started with a single tweet, as Baird declared himself couch bound with a case of “man-flu” (*cough* BACHIE FEVER):

He quickly proved he has his finger on the pulse, basically saying what we were all bloody thinking.

Then he let his daggy dad flag fly with this:

And confirmed his Regular Aussie Bloke status with this:

It’s nice to know we have at lease one politician in this country with some common sense, I’ll say that much.

Then he got a little #political.

Before making about a million Dad Jokes…

Clearly, Baird is not familiar with Oshie’s Hair™.

Eventually he called it a night, but not without bestowing some final words of wisdom on the people of Australia.

Can’t wait.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister and noted emoji-enthusiast Julie Bishop was also giving her smartphone a work out as she went on a late night tweeting spree.

Julie Bishop: EMOJINIUS.

Bishop entertained Twitter users with a Liberal dose of emojis as she followed and gave shout outs to pretty much anyone who asked, leading some to speculate that her account had actually been hacked.

Apparently she was just “a little tired and emojinal”:

It’s been a big week in politics, after all.

The festival of tweets seemed to have been triggered by one user speculating that the minister had blocked them:

She hadn’t.

The whole thing went on for hours…

But J-Bish eventually wore herself out.

This basically sums the whole thing up:

The conservative side of politics are not the only ones nailing it on Twitter either. An honourable mention has to go to Labor’s Wayne Swan for this hilarious tweet during yesterday’s question time:

Onya, Swannie.