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Are Married at First Sight's Mike and Heidi still together? An investigation.

On Tuesday night we managed our way through an emotional hour of Married At First Sight dedicated to Heidi and Mike’s vow renewal. Despite a lot of talk about not being able to ‘do it anymore,’ in the end, they both recommitted to each other and everything seemed fine and dandy.

Or so we thought.

Because as of Wednesday morning, the chances that Heidi Latcham and Mike Gunner are still together are looking mighty slim.

You see, we’ve investigated and managed to find some signs that seriously point to the pair turning up to the reunion solo.

Clue 1:

In March, Mike was spotted liking a comment on Instagram that bagged out Heidi and others that wished him well in his single life.

On a video on the MAFS Funny Instagram account that showed the Gold Coast electrician partying, Mike liked a comment that read: “Hope he’s having fun and maybe even meeting someone new.”

He also liked one that said: “One of the decent guys on the show with the misfortune of being paired with a basket case.”

Excuse us.

Is that the behaviour of a loyal husband? We think not.

Clue 2:

Woman’s Day magazine has reported Mike is now dating someone new.

While we definitely take anything printed in these glossy magazines with a grain of salt, Woman’s Day claims the 44-year-old is now dating a Gold Coast woman named Casey Stewart.

According to their source: “They're planning to go public after the show, once Mike's commitments finish.”

Clue 3:

There is no personality on their Instagram pages - indicating they’re very much being curated by the show's producers.

Sure, Mike and Heidi’s Instagram accounts both featured fresh photos from their vow renewal on Instagram moments after the episode aired. But those images were accompanied only by “#MAFS”.

We’re thinking that if you just revealed to Australia that you’ve chosen the love of your life, you’d have something more to say than “#MAFS”. Unless you were no longer with that person and only posting pics out of contractual obligation.


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Clue 4:

Interestingly, Heidi and Mike were both photographed arriving separately to the reunion dinner party.

This one is probably the most damning of all the clues. The Daily Mail reports that Heidi and Mike arrived in two cars to the reunion special, which is a good indication they were coming from separate hotels or airports.

And they don’t look very happy in the paparazzi shots either.

But hey, that’s just what we could find.

Maybe we’ll be left pleasantly surprised when the reunion special airs this week.