Women are flocking to Bunnings to grab a cloth that'll remove your make up.

Attention beauty fans, get yourself to a Bunnings immediately, because the hardware store has just become your next major beauty destination.

While microfibre cloths like the Face Halo and MakeUp Eraser have become a bathroom staples thanks to their very efficient makeup removing abilities, beauty enthusiasts have discovered that the original cleaning cloths work just as well. And they’re a lot cheaper.

Scientifically, they work because the makeup and dirt particles bind to the dense microfibres, in the same way dust particles would if you were to use the cloth to clean.

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You Beauty group member, Ash, shared her genius Bunnings find in the Facebook group, recommending the Morgan Microfibre Cleaning Cloths which will set you back $11.50 for a pack of 20, which works out to be 58 cents a cloth. A bargain compared to a pack of three Face Halos, which retail for $30.

Speaking to Mamamia, Ash said the hack has been on her radar for years, however she finally decided to “pinch one” after buying a packet from Bunnings.

“This could be a little unconventional but these bad boys from Bunnings are [perfect] for [removing] make up off your face. Not only are they really good for cleaning up around home but one of these took my make up off with just water,” she said.

“[It] was quicker and easier than a regular face washer.”

microfibre cloth makeup remover
Microfibre cloths for you and all your friends.

Fellow You Beauty group member, Anna (Instagram @annasned), is also a fan, with her cleaning cloth of choice being the Woolworth Select, Shine Microfibre Multipurpose Cloths, $2.99 which come in a three pack and cost $1 a cloth.

"I started using them after researching Face Halo and realised they are a really similar product," she told Mamamia.

"My best friend is a drag queen (@thetimberlina) and I was trying to find a product that he could use that was affordable and could get Kryolan TV Paintstick [a very thick, long-wearing and pigmented foundation] off gently and I ended up loving it. I use it at the end of the day before using my moisturiser, serum and jojoba oil."

Sharing her routine, Anna says day-to-day she'll use the cloth with hot water, moving the cloth in gentle circular movements around her face, but if she's "been out" and is wearing heavier eye makeup, she'll pair the cloth with her Sukin, Super Green Cleansing oil, $13.99 and micellar water to remove any remaining bits of eye makeup.

"I like using them because they're cheap (obviously), they effectively remove make up without irritating my skin, and they're really environmentally friendly compared to wipes. I can just put them in the wash and reuse them for ages."

microfibre cloth makeup remover

Given all the glowing reviews, I followed suit.

Since I don't live close to a Bunnings or Woolworths, I opted for the Chux Collections Absorbent All Purpose Cloth from Coles, which came in for $2.80 a piece. You could also substitute this with any other microfibre cloth on the market too.

How did it take off my makeup?

I should preface this by saying, I don't usually wear a lot of makeup. I wear a tinted moisturiser and some concealer as a base, followed by bronzer, blush, brow product and very heavy duty waterproof mascara (it's the cult Japanese Isehan’s Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara). On this day I was also wearing Sephora Collection's Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red on my lips.

By the time it came for me to remove my makeup at around 9pm, I suspected a lot of my base had worn off. Normally, I would still use a micellar water and cleanser to wash my face, but today I would only be using the cleansing cloth and good old tap water.

Like Anna, I rinsed the towel under warm water, wrung out the excess and wiped the cloth around my face in circular motions. On first impressions, the cloth felt soft against my face and didn't pull or tug against my skin. All in all, the whole experience only took around two or three minutes.

microfibre cloth makeup remover
Phase one.

In terms of makeup removal, my skin looked fresh and clean to the naked eye, but to ensure every little scrap of grime was removed I went over my face with a swipe of micellar water on a cotton pad.

While there weren't any significant makeup dregs leftover, there were still trace bits of 'end of day face gunk' left on the pad, which made me think the cloth didn't remove everything per say.

microfibre cloth makeup remover
The left over bits.

Would I use it again?

In short... yes and no.

If you're used to double, or triple cleansing, your face every night, or if you wear foundation, SPF, or long-lasting makeup, a microfibre cloth by itself won't be enough, and you may find yourself breaking out as a result of not properly cleansing your skin. Therefore, you'd probably want to use it in conjunction with a cleanser, or makeup remover. In saying this, I would confidently use the towel on a no-makeup day.

Still at under $5 (or less) for one towel, it's a pretty cheap investment into your skincare routine. Just use it with a gentle cleanser to stay on the safe side.

Have you tried taking your makeup off with a microfiber cleaning towel? Tell us in a comment below.