Mick Jagger, 72, is going to have another baby.

Rolling Stones’ singer, Mick Jagger, 72, is about to have his eighth child with girlfriend Melanie Hamrick.

The 29-year-old American ballerina is three months pregnant, The Sun reported.

The couple are “surprised and happy” with the news, a source told The Sun.

“She’s very bright, intelligent, sparky and has her own ideas about how she wants to lead her life,” the source said.

“She knows what a great relationship Mick has with all of his children and can’t wait for him to be a dad again.

The pair were first spotted together in 2014. Image via Getty.

"They are taking the news in their stride.”

It is thought the pair have been in a relationship for two years but they lead "independent lives" - with many expecting the American dancer to remain living in the US.


“Melanie is very American and doesn’t want to move to London, even though they’ve been seeing each other regularly over a long period of time now, " The Sun's source said.

“Mick likes the arrangement they have and doesn’t want to be in another formal relationship.

“But the most important thing is how much he loves his children and he has great relations with them. He will support and love this child."

The Stones' frontman, who is based in London, has seven other children. The singer had his eldest child daughter, Karis Jagger, now 45, to Marsha Hunt.

He had a second daughter, Jade Jagger, 44, with his first wife Bianca Jagger.

Then he had four children with ex-partner Jerry Hall - Lizzy Jagger, 32, James Jagger, 30, Georgia May Jagger, 24, Gabriel Jagger, 18.

Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez gave birth to his youngest child Lucas Jagger, 17.

Mick Jagger with Elizabeth, James and Lucas Jagger at UEFA Euro 2016 final. Image Jean Catuffe, Getty. 

Jagger will be 73 when the baby is born. Stones' guitarist, Ronnie Wood, 69, is also adding to his brood.

On May 30, 2016, Wood's wife, Sally Humphreys, gave birth to twin girls, Gracie Jane and Alice Rose.

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