Michelle Williams admits being a single mum is exhausting.

The Hollywood actress makes a rare confession that we can all understand.

Actress Michelle Williams, 34, has opened up about being a single parent to her eight-year-old daughter Matilda. And her confession is something every parent, whether single or not, can relate to.

The star told the UK’s ELLE magazine that it’s exhausting.

And Michelle admits that when it comes to juggling both work and motherhood, she isn’t perfect. She explains she has to “do two things at once, both to the best of my abilities”.

Michelle on the cover of UK ELLE magazine.

“So that leaves me feeling pretty exhausted. I’m the person who falls asleep all the time. You invite me over for dinner or to a party, and there's a whole scrapbook of pictures of me napping. I've even been given a nickname because of my snoring," she continued.

Michelle's daughter's dad is the late Heath Ledger, who she met on the set of their film Brokeback Mountain. They had Matilda a year later.

Michelle and Health separated in 2007, just one year before the famous Australian actor died from an accidental overdose in January 2008.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see the beautiful property Michelle shared with Heath in Brooklyn which she recently sold...

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