Michelle Obama doing Carpool Karaoke will be your new favourite yet.

Move aside Selena Gomez, JLo, One Direction and Sia, because Michelle Obama just gave us the BEST CARPOOL KARAOKE OF ALL TIME.


While the full episode of James Corden’s most popular late night segment won’t go to air until later this week, fans have been given a sneak peek of the First Lady of the United States jumping into the passenger seat to tour the White House grounds.

That face when Michelle Obama hops into your car....Image: YouTube

Michelle admits that she has rarely been able to sit in the front seat of a car in the seven and a half years her family has been living at the White House, and confesses that it's rarer still she gets to listen to music.


So, of course, this moment needs to be celebrated. With Beyoncè, of course.

Michelle's got those 'Single Ladies' moves down pat. Image: YouTube

In the teaser clip, Michelle and James sing and dance along to Single Ladies and we have to say, Mrs. Obama totally nails those dance moves.

Video via CBS