Michelle Jenneke's coach has criticised her for not being "in shape" at Rio.

The Team Australia track and field coach has criticised Michelle Jenneke for her disappointing performance in Rio.

Claiming Jenneke arrived at Rio “out of shape”, Craig Hilliard says he plans to have a conversation with the hurdler to “work out her priorities” after she ran half a second outside her personal best to be knocked out in the heats at Rio.

“She was certainly one of the athletes that underperformed here, it would be easy to suggest that (distractions) was possibly a scenario,” Hilliard said of Jenneke today, according to the Herald Sun.

“It’s something that I need to discuss with her and go through her program as she certainly didn’t arrive here in the shape she should have arrived in.”

Michelle Jenneke at Rio. Image via Channel 7.

Hilliard is concerned that athletics aren't Jenneke's main priority, and questions why athletes who don't take their sport seriously are draining Australian resources.

“Absolutely [it troubles me], because when it comes to the end of the day... its about balance, if it’s not a priority then why are we funding athletes if it’s not a priority,” Hilliard said.

“It’s simple, if you are going to be half-baked at doing something, why are we investing in you? I can’t justify that.”

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