“Tonight is the night” teenager accused of encouraging her boyfriend’s suicide.

Her family say she was trying to help him. Prosecutors say she urged him to take his own life.

Warning: This post contains details of suicide and may be very distressing and difficult for some readers. If you need help please phone Lifeline on 13 11 14.

It is the first case of its kind – a teenager charged with involuntary manslaughter for allegedly encouraging her boyfriend to suicide.

The teenager, 18-year-old Michelle Carter, from Massachusetts, in the US, is said to have urged her boyfriend Conrad Roy, also 18 to take his own life.

The relationship between the two – though they referred to each other as “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” was largely online.

They met two years before Conrad’s death – speaking mainly over the Internet and via text message.

Michelle Carter, is said to have urged her boyfriend Conrad Roy

According to court documents the relationship was secret from many who knew them, even Conrad’s best friend was unaware of it.

In more than 1,000 messages between the two police have argued that Michelle urged Conrad to take his own life.

One particularly chilling message stands out.

The Washington Post reports that at one stage when 18-year old Conrad told his girlfriend he was scared and had gotten out of the truck where he would later be found dead.  She responded: “Get back in.”

Her family say that Michelle – a straight A student is being painted unfairly as a villain and she just tried to help Carter.

“She is a quiet, kind, and sympathetic young girl. She tried immensely to help Mr. Roy in his battle with depression. We know that once all of the facts are released, our daughter will be found innocent.”

But a lengthy ream of text messages might be her undoing.

“She is a quiet, kind, and sympathetic young girl.”

Court documents have shown that between July 6 and July 12, 2014 the text messages between the two turned to talk of suicide.

At one point Michelle texting him:

“I think your parents know you’re in a really bad place. I’m not saying they want you to do it but I honestly feel like they can accept it.

They know there is nothing they can do. They’ve tried helping. Everyone’s tried, but there is a point that comes where there isn’t anything anyone can do to save you, not even yourself.

And you’ve hit that point and I think your parents know you’ve hit that point. You said your mom saw a suicide thing on your computer and she didn’t say anything. I think she knows it’s on your mind and she’s prepared for it.

Everyone will be sad for a while but they will get over it and move on. They won’t be in depression. I won’t let that happen. They know how sad you are, and they know that you are doing this to be happy and I think they will understand and accept it.

They will always carry you in their hearts.

His response, “Aww. Thank you, Michelle.”

Carter in court yesterday.

The two had met through a family connection years earlier. Conrad, described as a popular, funny athlete was struggling with anxiety and depression but his family believed he would be able to pick himself up and go to college.


What they didn’t know about was the bizarre relationship he was having with Michelle Carter.

His family did not know of their relationship.

So bizarre they had not even seen each other for more than a year before his death.

After Conrad’s death Michelle told his mother – who says she knew nothing of their friendship – “He was the most important person in the world to me, I saw my life with him,”

But she is now being blamed for his death.

Prosecutors have released further text messages between the two in the days leading up to his death.

Michelle: They will move on for you because they know that’s what you would have wanted. They know you wouldn’t want them to be sad and depressed and be angry and guilty. They know you want them to live their lives and be happy. So they will for you. You’re right. You need to stop thinking about this and just do it because over turning always kills, over thinking.

CONRAD: Yeah, it does. I’ve been thinking about it for too long.

MICHELLE: Always smile, and, yeah, you have to just do it. You have everything you need. There is no way you can fail. Tonight is the night. It’s now or never.

When he said he was fearful of dying:

MICHELLE: [D]on’t be scared. You already made this decision and if you don’t do it tonight you’re gonna be thinking about it all the time and stuff all the rest of your life and be miserable.

You’re finally going to be happy in heaven. No more pain. No more bad thoughts and worries. You’ll be free.

It’s okay to be scared and it’s normal. I mean, you’re about to die. I would be concerned if you weren’t scared, but I know how bad you want this and how bad you want to be happy. You have to face your fears for what you want.

Facebook posts from Michelle after his death.

And then on the  morning of the day of his death:

MICHELLE: You can’t think about it. You just have to do it. You said you were gonna do it. Like I don’t get why you aren’t.

CONRAD: I don’t get it either. I don’t know.

MICHELLE: So I guess you aren’t gonna do it then. All that for nothing. I’m just confused. Like you were so ready and determined.

CONRAD: I am gonna eventually. I really don’t know what I’m waiting for but I have everything lined up.

MICHELLE: No, you’re not, Conrad. Last night was it. You kept pushing it off and you say you’ll do it, but you never do. It’s always gonna be that way if you don’t take action. You’re just making it harder on yourself by pushing it off. You just have to do it. Do you want to do it now?

CONRAD: Is it too late? I don’t know. It’s already light outside. I’m gonna go back too sleep. Love you. I’ll text you tomorrow.

MICHELLE: No. It’s probably the best time now because everyone is sleeping. Just go somewhere in your truck and no one is really out there right now because it’s an awkward time. If you don’t do it now you’re never gonna do it, and you can say you’ll do it tomorrow, but you probably won’t. Tonight? Love you.

CONRAD: Thank you.

MICHELLE: For what. Are you awake?


MICHELLE: Are you gonna do it today?


MICHELLE: Like in the day time?

CONRAD: Should I?

MICHELLE: Yeah, it’s less suspicious. You won’t think about it as much and you’ll get it over with instead of wait until the night.

CONRAD: Yeah then I will. Like where? Like I could go in any enclosed area.

MICHELLE: Go in your truck and drive in a parking lot somewhere, to a park or something. Do it like early. Do it now, like early.

CONRAD: Didn’t we say this was suspicious?

MICHELLE: No. I think night is more suspicious, a kid sitting in his car turning on the radio. Just do it. It wouldn’t be suspicious and it won’t take long.

And more:

MICHELLE: You’re so hesitant because you keeping over thinking it and keep pushing it off. You just need to do it, Conrad. The more you push it off, the more it will eat at you. You’re ready and prepared. All you have to do is tum the generator on and you will be free and happy. No more pushing it off. No more waiting.

CONRAD: You’re right.

MICHELLE: If you want it as bad as you say you do it’s time to do it today.

MICHELLE: I would never leave you. You’re the love of my life, my boyfriend. You are my heart. I’d never leave you.


MICHELLE: : I love you.

CONRAD: Love you, too.

Conrad Roy.

And then hours later:

MICHELLE: I thought you wanted to do this. This time is right and you’re ready. You just need to do it. You can’t keep living this way. You just need to do it like you did the last time and not think about it and just do it, babe. You can’t keep doing this every day.

CONRAD: I do want to but I’m like freaking for my family I guess. I don’t know.

MICHELLE: Conrad, I told you I’ll take care of them. Everyone will take care of them to make sure they won’t be alone and people will help them get through it. We talked about this and they will be okay and accept it. People who commit suicide don’t think this much. They just could do it.

CONRAD: I know. I know. LOL. Thinking just drives me more crazy.

MICHELLE: You just need to do it, Conrad, or I’m gonna get you help. You can’t keep doing this everyday.

CONRAD: Okay. I’m gonna do it today.

MICHELLE: You promise?

CONRAD: I promise, babe. I have to now.

MICHELLE: Like right now?

Later that day at 6pm the final series of text messages:

CONRAD: Okay. Well, I’m bringing my sisters for ice cream.

MICHELLE: So will you do it when you get back?

CONRAD: Yup, I’ll go right there.


CONRAD: Love you.

MICHELLE: I love so much.

CONRAD: (Smiley face).


CONRAD: Ha ha. What are you doing?

MICHELLE: Nothing really. Just resting.

CONRAD: Okay. Ha, ha I’m procrastinating.

MICHELLE: Yeah, ha ha, I know. Are you back?


MICHELLE: So it’s time?

CONRAD: Oh, it’s been time.

MICHELLE: Are you gonna do it now?

CONRAD: I just don’t know how to leave them, you know.

MICHELLE: Say you’re gonna go the store or something.

CONRAD: Like, I want them to know that I love them.

MICHELLE: They know. That’s one thing they definitely know. You’re over thinking.

CONRAD: I know I’m over thinking. I’ve been over thinking for a while now.

MICHELLE: I know. You just have to do it like you said. Are you gonna do it now?

CONRAD: I still haven’t left yet, ha ha.


CONRAD: Leaving now.

MICHELLE: Okay. You can do this.

CONRAD: Okay. I’m almost there.

That was his final message.

The body of Conrad Roy III – aged just 18 –  was found inside his pickup truck in a K-mart parking lot the next day.

After Conrad’s death, Michelle texted several friends, telling them that he had called her and all she could hear was the sound of the engine.

In court, prosecutor Katie Rayburn argued that technology allowed Carter to essentially be present throughout the entire ordeal. “She is on the phone with him when he is taking his life,” said Rayburn. “It’s as though she’s there.”

Her lawyer has argued that Conrad “brainwashed” Michelle” to the point where she’s now accepting his idea of, ‘This is my only option,”

Michelle’s defence claims that she first offered to go with Carter to get help at a nearby psychiatric hospital, but then began to believe the talk of suicide,  “We’re trying to apply manslaughter to speech,” defence attorney Joseph P. Cataldo​ argued.

“Michelle Carter’s only role, if you will, in this, are words, are speech, are texts. There are no actions whatsoever,” he said.

But prosecutor Katie Rayburn said Michelle told a friend after Conrad’s death that if the police found her text messages she would get in trouble and go to jail. “Her own words show that she knew her conduct was against the law,” Rayburn said.

In the week leading up to his death, the prosecutor said, Carter “not only 
encouraged him, she berated him when he didn’t want to do it.”

And right before Carter tragically took his own life one of Michelle’s final messages “You deleted my texts, didn’t you?”

No. He didn’t.

If you need help or you just want to talk call Lifeline 13 11 14 or Kid’s Helpline: 1800 55 1800. 

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