Dear Michelle Bridges, from one pregnant woman to another...

You love your crunches, I love my Crunchies. But, Michelle, there’s something I need to tell you.

There is an uber-fit baby on the way.

Commando Steve and Michelle Bridges have combined their improbably-shredded genes to create a new life. So many congratulations to you both.

Commando Steve and Michelle Bridges.

Greedily guzzling coverage of the impending super baby, I read about Michelle’s plan to stay active during her pregnancy. Which, given that Michelle Bridges has built a $53million empire on changing Australia, one wobbly middle at a time, is not even a little bit ambitious.

“I’ll be exercising right up until the day I go into hospital. I’m training for the main event.”

Michelle, you and I have something in common. (Well, two things actually. I’m also quite a fan of Commando Steve and his impressive torso, but I digress). You see, I am currently 34-weeks pregnant. This is my third child and along the way, I’ve learned a couple of things.

Basically, babies give zero shits about your plans.

Now in the spirit of openness, I’ll admit that you and I are in very different starting positions for these pregnancies. You, with your love of crunches, and me with my love of Crunchies. None the less though, we are two women preparing to welcome our own bundles.

Gaze upon these excellent genes… (Post continues after gallery.)

The one thing that I have learned throughout my pregnancies is that you shouldn’t place too much expectation on yourself. I know that goes against all of your motivational speeches (big fan, BTW) but realistically in pregnancy sometimes you just have to accept that it might not happen, because it’s no longer just you making the calls.

Sure, you might be feeling all glowy and wonderful now but babies have a way of changing our plans considerably.

How Michelle revealed the news.

During this pregnancy, I promised myself I would eat better. I would give my baby everything it required through proper nutrition. This baby would enter the world on the best possible starting block, all thanks to me. I read countless articles on how a mother’s diet affects babies both in childhood and later in life. I knew what I needed to consume to ensure the best possible specimen of a child come August.

Then my baby got involved, and I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum which basically means, extreme morning sickness. Not the kind that passes as the day goes on, or the kind that can be managed with ginger-flavoured everything. I’m talking the kind that causes your own saliva to make you violently ill, the kind that sees you hospitalised for dehydration because someone found you passed out in the bathroom.

Jacqui. Life gets in the way.

For three months I could barely walk. The only thing this baby would tolerate was salty, salty chips. Not even water would sit in the same manner that a giant bag of Kettle chips.

I was disappointed with myself- this wasn’t the plan. I was supposed to nourish my baby with the best of everything. Of course I knew it wasn’t the ideal diet but like I said, I had no say. So I ate what I could and I tried to convince myself that something was better than nothing. I felt as though I had already let my body and my baby down before she was even born.


Any mother will tell you it’s inevitable that baby will change your life. Some changes are for the good and some are not so good (goodbye Sunday morning sleep ins) but undeniably, babies, even in utero, have their own plans.

Have you watched our Editor-in-Chief talk about the 5 things NOBODY tells you about being pregnant? It’s brilliant. (Post continues after video.)

During your pregnancy, it’s important for women to realise that just because you have plans to do something – like work out up until you’re in labour – your baby might not always cooperate. And if it doesn’t, be kind to yourself. It’s okay.

I know for people in the public eye, the pressure can be huge. Especially when you’re known for being an incredible motivator, an advocate for healthy living and a devotee of intense workouts. I can skip the lunchtime walk when my legs ache, no ones gives a shit. There’s no-one approaching me for six-week-on, post-baby body pics.

You’re the queen of workouts, so how could you possibly not continue them up until the big day? Easily, that’s how. If it doesn’t fit with how you’re feeling or what you baby needs, you can. And you know what, you’d have a million mums behind you cheering that you on.

For some more rather famous people who have shared baby news…(Post continues after gallery.)

Perhaps you’ll suffer from SPD, varicose veins, high/low blood pressure, sciatica or one of the many others joys that can accompany pregnancy, all of which can prevent you from doing things you might want to do. Being pregnant doesn’t always (if ever) go to plan and who knows what the last half of pregnancy will bring.

I know how strong and determined you are, Michelle, and really, if anyone can maintain such an intense fitness regime during pregnancy, it’s you. I’ve done your 12WBT (twice) and never felt better. I’ve also cursed your name after training when I was lying in agony with aching muscles who had been so rudely awoken from their hibernation. All I’m saying is that even though you might plan on working out right up until that first contraction, it doesn’t matter in the slightest if you don’t.

I wish you all the best for a healthy, happy pregnancy and a beautiful baby at the end of it.

Were you able to keep exercising throughout your pregnancy?

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