Michelle Bridges proves her baby is an exact mini-me of the Commando.

You might think this is up there with one of the most obvious headlines I’ve ever written, but to be fair children tend to look like a bit of a mix of their parents. You know, “oh, he’s got your eyes!” and “oh, but that’s Karl’s lips for sure.”

Just. Like. Dad. Image: Instagram.

Upon meeting a baby people tend to just pick apart every body part until you've assigned something to each parent. But that won't be happening in the case of Axel Bridges-Willis. This kid is 100 per cent a daddy's boy.

Michelle posted this photo of her son yesterday to prove that her gene pool has had exactly no input on this kids facial features. Because staring back at me is future Commando.

....can you stop doing that???...????❤️

A photo posted by Michelle Bridges (@mishbridges) on Jul 21, 2016 at 8:40pm PDT


And I'm not the only one to notice it. Many of the commenters on Instagram have written "Just like his dad!" to prove the point. Either way Axel is definitely going to grow up fit and determined. How could you not?

But he's only seven months old. We'll give him another few months before we start demanding push ups. We're nice like that.

Watch as Bridges takes a moment to chat to us about her post-baby body...