Michelle Bridges shares photo of baby Axel prepared for his first workout.

Michelle Bridges, whose eighteen-week-old son Axel has already been described as a ‘mini-Commando’, has shared a cute snap of her baby to her Instagram account. And it’s all squishy legs, bulky nappy and flat feet.

Accompanied by the caption ‘All the better to squat with’, Bridges took the photo of Axel’s Converse sneakers, paired with a matching set of navy blue and white socks.

All the better to squat with…??

A photo posted by Michelle Bridges (@mishbridges) on Apr 12, 2016 at 2:56pm PDT


His little legs, bouncing in a squat-like pose, are clearly the legs of a future trainer. Wouldn’t you agree?

What. Is. That. Image via Instagram: @mishbridges.

Bridges' fans were quick to comment, writing 'adorable', 'cutest', and the very true, 'what a cutie patootie'. Of course, as with any decision a mother makes, the photo attracted some criticism.

'Noooo his poor feet!', wrote one Instagram user, who also tagged The Running Lab, a Wollongong-based company who advocate that modern footwear destroys the natural function of our feet.

But Axel's feet are not feet.


Axel's feet are NOT feet. Image via Instagram: @mishbridges.

But other users enthusiastically praised Bridges, with one commenter writing, 'Studies show that mothers who exercise while pregnant will have a child who enjoys working out as well,' before using the hashtag #BabyBiceps.

Michelle Bridges was criticised throughout her pregnancy for her workout regime, even when she publicly explained that having exercised extensively her whole life, her regime probably wasn't indicative of what other people should be doing.


But it seems like Bridges is sticking to her guns (as always), and will encourage Axel in whichever way she sees fit (GET IT?!)

Speaking to the Daily Mail earlier this year, Bridges said that little Axel "comes to training, but not every time."

She continued, "But definitely when we go out outdoors. We go on big long walks together. He has been to the gym with me a few times and he quite likes it."

Well, of course he does. He already has cooler workout gear than I do.

With parents like Michelle Bridges and Steve 'The Commando' Willis, we have no doubt Axel will be doing squats in no time.

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