Michelle Bridges responds to Ajay Rochester's "fat phobic" claims.

In the fallout from Michelle Bridges’ controversial comments last week that she was “yet to meet someone who is morbidly obese and happy,” one voice carried louder and farther than the rest — that of Bridges’ ex-Biggest Loser coworker Ajay Rochester.

In a derisive blog post, Rochester called Bridges “fat-phobic”, saying the year her Biggest Loser bosses put her on diet was the most miserable year of her life.

She proceeded to post an image of her naked bum to social media, captioning the shot “Michelle Bridges can kiss my happy fat ass”.

Today Bridges has dismissed Rochester’s claims, telling News Corp Australia that her comments were not intended to be aimed at any individual in particular.

“I don’t even talk about that person, whatever,” Bridges said of Rochester.

“This is not a conversation that is directed to one person, so I’m not interested in having an argument with someone who wants to make it their beef.”

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She went on to defend her controversial comments, saying they’d been taken out of context.

“There was a sentence before the one everyone has grabbed onto where I said, ‘if you’re happy, more power to you’. I’ve got no issue with that.

“This is about a much bigger and much more important issue… this is about our community at large. It needs to be in context of the health of our nation.”

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