Michelle Bridges has been criticised for doing 'risky' exercise while pregnant.

Fitness queen Michelle Bridges has been criticised yet again – this time for doing ‘risky’ stomach crunches while pregnant.

Women’s health physiotherapist Lyz Evans made the comments after seeing photos of Bridges doing the exercise on a beach in last month’s edition of New Idea. Writing on the  Women in Focus Physiotherapy Facebook page, she warned that the photos were sending the “wrong message” to pregnant women.

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"Like many women who have the best of intentions to stay fit in pregnancy, Michelle has fallen prey into the common trap of doing 'crunches' to keep strong abdominals. Sadly, doing this in pregnancy puts undue stress on the linea alba which is the connective tissue between the two sides of the abdominal wall. Overloading the linea alba in pregnancy can result in ' Rectus Abdominus Diastasis' - a condition affecting 66% of women in their third trimester," she wrote.

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"If you look closely at Michelle's tummy you will see a triangular shaped doming just above her belly button. This is a clear sign that the linea alba is most definitely being overloaded, and doing this repeatedly can result in permanent tearing of this very important fascia. Not only can this lead to low back pain due to a lack of abdominal support, but there is undoubtedly a strong link with urinary dysfunction," she continued.

Michelle Bridges and The Commando.

While the post stressed that women should exercise during pregnancy, it warned that this particular exercise was unsafe. The Facebook post has been shared and liked thousands of times already, with many women thanking Evans for her advice. However, it follows seemingly endless criticism levelled at Bridges throughout her pregnancy.

Image via Instagram @mishbridges.

She was initially slammed for saying that her ability to fall pregnant at age 44 was due to healthy eating and exercise. She's also been shamed for posting Instagram photos of herself jumping into water in Tahiti and weightlifting 30kg.

We're sure everyone commenting about her pregnancy has the best of intentions - but we're also sure Bridges knows what's best for her baby and her body.


Do you think the criticism of Michelle Bridges is fair?

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