Michelle Bridges is fed up with unqualified personal trainers.

There’s a new biggest loser and it just might be all of us.

Health icon Michelle Bridges has spoken out against impostors who advertise themselves as personal trainers without proper qualifications.

“It seems like every second person is a personal trainer these days,” she told The Courier Mail.

The rise in trainers may be attributable to Australia’s ever-growing emphasis on health despite climbing levels of obesity.

Michelle Bridges promoting her training album. Image via Instagram.

According to the 2011 - 2012 findings of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 62.8% of Australians aged 18 years or over were overweight or obese.

The focus on greater communal health is urgently needed but Bridges is adamant it comes from an official source.

Bridges emphasised the importance of recognised institutions such as the Australian Institute of Fitness and their expectations surrounding proper education.

“I am still doing my work with the Australian Institute of Fitness and think it is important to have properly qualified trainers out there,” she said.

Bridges' words of warning have resonated with other leaders in the fitness industry.

Spokesman for the exercise watchdog Fitness Australia, Andrew McCallum echoed Bridges sentiments but provided greater detail behind how these impostors functioned.

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McCallum said under-qualified personal trainers often operated without insurance or necessary first-aid knowledge such as CPR.


“It’s certainly a concern for us and we are encouraging the consumer to be aware of that and ask that their trainer is qualifieds," McCallum said.

Qualifications for trainers can come through obtaining such accreditation as certificate IV in fitness as well as basic understandings of health and nutrition.

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The Australian Institute of Fitness offers its certificate IV alongside a bevvy of core learning units in order to cover key areas including: nutrition, working with older clients, injury management and business operation.

Bridges own profile on the Australian Institute of Fitness website lists her as holding a Certificate III, a Certificate IV and the classification as a 'Master Trainer'.

In an interview with SMH, it is said that Bridges obtained her qualifications at the young age of 18.