Michelle Bridges has survived a lot worse than being called a homewrecker.

When Michelle Bridges comes into the Mamamia offices, she’s being trailed by a camera crew.

They’re from Australian Story, the ABC’s iconic documentary show, and they are making a program about the iconic trainer that, along with her new book Make It Happen, show a different side to the bulletproof fitness guru.

And sitting down with Mia Freedman for a No Filter interview, Michelle – who, yes, looks fit and glowy in jeans and a tank-top – tells us some of those stories.

Michelle talks about the sexual assault she survived at 18, and the moment when a lawyer asked her – in court – how short her skirt was at the time.

Michelle and Mia.

"The thing that kept coming into my mind [during the attack] was that this is not going to happen. This is not going to be my story... I was adamant to put up the best fight possible."

She goes on to talk about what it's like to run a business with your ex-husband, how she felt deciding to have a baby at 44, and answered some of Mia's more, um, straightforward questions. Questions like:

How was the birth?

How did you feel when you held your baby?

Do you call Steve 'The Commando' in bed?

Didn't you guys break up and get back together again?

Why does everyone have to focus on your flaws?

Is The Biggest Loser sending a dangerous message?

How did it feel being called a homewrecker?

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And then, possibly most surprising of all, Michelle says she doesn't even really care about training right now.

"Right now, I'm finding I'm getting my refresh button every time I am with (Axel)...and that is just because it is new to me" Michelle told Mia.

"I haven't had a child before, I'm finding it the world's most amazing experience."


She breastfeeds him through the night. "We'll be awake around 6, and I'll breastfeed him... and then he will go off to sleep around 7.30 and I'll go off to sleep with him... which means I won't get up till maybe around 10am. "And I think oh my God, it's 10 am and I am still in my pyjamas. This is FUN."

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And she can be kind to herself.

"That's what feels right personally for me...this isn't for the rest of my life."

Listen to Michelle talk about her birth experience here: