FLUFF: Michelle Bridges goes make-up free on the cover of Women's Health.

PHWOAR. Look at them abs.

Michelle Bridges is on the front cover of Women’s Health magazine without a stitch of make-up or a minute of digital airbrushing. We cannot look away.

And here’s the 43-year-old fitness goddess a little closer up. Can we get a collective WOW?

“I won’t lie — it’s pretty nerve-racking,” Bridges told Women’s Health about the shoot.

“You know, there’s going to be moments when you get all dressed up and do your hair and make-up and look gorgeous in that regard. But then you can be just as beautiful schlepping around in jeans and no make-up and it doesn’t matter, because what really matters is how beautiful you are on the inside. That’s a message many of us need to impart to younger girls.”

It might seem pretty simple to feature a make-up free Michelle on the cover of a magazine. But in a stubbornly glossy industry, it’s actually a huge deal. This is brave and awesome, Women’s Health.

Speaking of celebrities without make-up… Here’s a whole bunch:

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