Michelle Bridges celebrates the end of TBL Families with a new haircut. As you do.

TBL Families finally reached its conclusion last night, but it wasn’t the contestants’ transformations that have us talking.

With the series wrapped up and her baby just a few weeks from gracing us with it’s athletic prowess presence, there was one way Michelle Bridges obviously wanted to celebrate. With a new haircut, of course.

Thrice as nice. Instagram (@mishbridges)


Sharing the snap on Instagram on the eve of TBL Families finale, Bridges captioned the photo:

"New hair by the amazing team @oscaroscarpaddington thanks Paloma, Kelsey and the rockstar team! Loves it!"

Judging by the montage featuring the change from three different angles, we'd say "loves it" is probably an understatement. (Watch the ad for Michelle's Delicious Nutritious range here. Post continues after video.)

Video via unknown

Going for a shorter length with a few long layers makes the style low-maintenance, while the highlighted colour change is a nice summery change.


The personal trainer's signature middle part has also been replaced with a long sweeping side fringe.

Emma Watson

It's not quite as short as her old pixie cut, but Emma Watson's latest chop has us excited nonetheless.

Short and sweet. Image: Instagram (@emmawatson)


After months of rocking a just-past-the-shoulders 'do, we think Watson looks frankly magical. Even Hermione would approve.

Nicole Richie

We thought Nicole Richie had exhausted all the colours of the hair rainbow when she recently went back to her blonde bob - we couldn't have been more wrong.

All the colours of the rainbow. Image: Instagram (@nicolerichie)


On Instagram overnight, Richie shared a snap sporting a hair colour we can't quite identify - other than a blue-y-green-purple-y-grey mix. (Post continues after gallery.)

Lea Michele

Like Bridges, Michele also opted for a chop.

The actress opts for a shorter length. Image: Instagram (@leamichele)


The Scream Queens star shared the new 'do on Instagram, marking her official induction into the #ShortHairDon'tCare crew.

"Short hair don't care! Thanks @lonavigi for my new hair cut!" she wrote.

What hair changes are you planning?