Michelle Bridges just reached "a new level" of life as a working mum.


Fitness guru and entrepreneur Michelle Bridges is adjusting to her new life as a mum to little nine-month-old Axel.

Given the 45-year-old works tirelessly juggling her many media and business responsibilities with her bub, we simply can’t imagine how she does it all.

In a post on her Instagram this week, Bridges echoed what all working mums are thinking right now, that being: ‘We are bloody superwomen. Oh, we’re also freakin’ exhausted. And kinda hot messes.’

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Captioning the self-made meme with “A new level…”, Michelle was soon inundated with fellow mums who share her feelings.

“You forgot – ‘Do I have vomit or saliva on me anywhere?’,” one commenter wrote. Another: “Did I turn the heater off this morning?”.

One of our favourites read: “That was me this morning… throwing kids out of the car door at school and kinder so I didn’t miss early bird parking!! Made it by 2 minutes! #motheroftheyear #workingmum

One thing’s for sure: the 13-time author (yes, 13) gets women, and she gets mums.

LISTEN: Michelle Bridges spoke to Holly Wainwright about how her life changed once she became a mum. (Post continues…)

When Mamamia caught up with Michelle last month, she explained how her life has changed since having a baby. has made her relax her strict fitness routine.

What budged first was surprising.

“For me to try and train at 5.30 in the morning now is almost impossible because I can barely see straight at that time, because I’ve been up three times during the night,” she said.

“I’ll go, ‘You know what, I don’t want to train this morning, I’m bloody tired. I’m going to cut myself some slack and rest.’ But then on the flip side, when the moment comes to go, I go.”

How did your life change when you became a mum?