Michelle Bridges shares a picture of the wedding that never was.

A wedding so secret it didn’t even really happen!


Michelle Bridges has taken her secret wedding rumours like a champ, hitting pause on her Polynesian holiday and photoshopping a series of hilarious ‘wedding photos’ to share with her Instagram followers.

Turns out they love a themed wedding.

Not many celebrities who are the focus of terrible rumours and tabloid fodder can take it on the chin like this, so we’re all the more impressed that Michelle can laugh her secret wedding rumours off.

Good on ya, Michelle. If – and when – you guys actually get married, we’re really hoping it’s themed.

Mamamia previously wrote… 

Jennifer Aniston has been secretly getting married for years and years, but now that she’s actually wed, we must look elsewhere for our secret-wedding fodder.

What about super-fit mum-to-be Michelle Bridges, who’s been “flaunting” her “baby bump” all over Tahiti on a “babymoon” with her affianced, Steve Willis, aka The Commando?

Bridges, 44, is a prime secret-wedding candidate — an Australian celebrity whose private life suddenly became interesting in 2013 when she took up with Willis after a 10-year relationship with Bill Moore.

The fit couple, before Michelle’s bump got bumpy. Image via Instagram.

Commando Steve was in a relationship at the time they began seeing each other, and has three children.

Then there was Bridges’ pregnancy, which, given her ‘advanced age’, was nothing short of a “miracle”.

So it makes sense that after the shock of those revelations faded away, it was time for a secret wedding.

The couple living it up in Tahiti. Image via Instagram.

A source told New Idea that Bridges and her Commando got married while in Tahiti recently.

“Michelle told us it was just perfect. She wore a white sundress, and had a flower in her hair… It was simple and beautiful — everything she’d hoped for.

“… They’re just a regular couple. They’re in love and have a baby on the way. Getting married was the next logical step!”

Only, it didn’t happen.

A rep has told News.com.au that the secret wedding never happened, saying, “It’s not true.”

There you have it, folks. Michelle Bridges’ very first secret wedding- it never even happened.

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