Where has Instagram fanatic Michelle Bridges gone?

Michelle Bridges loves Instagram.

She likes posting pictures of herself, videos of her workouts, romantic snaps of her and fellow #fitspo fodder Steve “The Commando” Willis, and, up until recently, pics of her pregnant belly, usually surrounded on either side by lycra.

However, since Bridges, 45, gave birth three weeks ago, she’s been kind of quiet on the ol’ ‘gram.

In fact, Bridges has posted only inspirational quotes, throwbacks, and other somewhat benign images, such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge alight with fireworks, and her breast pump.

So just where the hell is Michelle Bridges? Not to mention her brand-new son Axel Bridges Willis?

Thank you for all the messages of love! ❤️

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Where are the pictures of her gazing lovingly at her breastfeeding son while she has her hair and make-up did (the celebrity baby pic du jour)?

Where are the snaps of her doing baby yoga with a bemused baby Axel?

Where is the black-and-white photograph of Willis holding the infant in his bare hands?

Or perhaps something like this? He’s got the tatts.

It could be that Bridges is trying to regain her pre-pregnancy body before she goes public, but that’s unlikely. As one of the fittest new mums around, Bridges has been spotted by paparazzi looking just as toned as ever.

So why the inspirational quotes and no smug post-baby-body pictures?

We have a sneaking suspicion we know: the Bridges-Willis clan are holed up until their exclusive deal for first baby pics with a major magazine — possibly Who — has been fulfilled.

We reckon as soon as the mag goes to the presses, Bridges’ Instagramming will resume.

Until then, here’s a picture of her salad.

Here’s a salad. Thanks, Michelle.