Michelle Bridges shares her post-baby workout on Instagram.

New mum Michelle Bridges has taken to Instagram to share the answer to the question she seems to be getting left right and centre.

How do you workout?

Bridges, who welcomed her first child, a baby boy named Axel in December with partner Steve ‘Commando’ Willis wrote, “Mums have been asking me what I’m doing for training, here’s what I did today.”

Michelle Bridges early last year. Image via @mishbridges Instagram.

But before sharing her secrets she adds, "Remember! I'm a professional trainer and have been training for 30 years. So! For you please dial this down to 15-20 minutes of total workout."

Thanks for the heads up, Mish.

Bridges suggests the following:

  • 30 minutes of jogging for a minute then walking for a minute
  • 26 minutes of 20 second then 10 second walk

"Enjoy!" she adds, mentioning that 'a certain someone' (who could only be her adorable boy Axel) was with her on her workout.

And from the looks of the comments, it has received nothing but a positive response.

Image via @mishbridges Instagram.

"Happy to see more of this kind of advice, lots of new mums itching to get exercising!" One commenter wrote.

"I'm not a mum but I am gonna take this advice anyway," joked another.

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Video via The Project.

The only people who seemed to be intimidated by the workout were radio duo Fitzy and Wippa, who wrote, "Broke a sweat reading this."

Maybe Bridges can whip them into shape.

How did you workout after giving birth?

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