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How Michelle Bridges will navigate her new blended family.

They’re a modern family.

Michelle Bridges, 45, is at the pointy end of her first pregnancy, but the new baby, due in December, won’t be the only child in her life.

Bridges’ partner, Steve “The Commando” Willis, 39, is the father of three children from two previous relationships.

In addition to raising their baby, Bridges is also a stepmother of sorts to Brianna, 17, Ella, six, and Jack, three.

Pregnant Michelle Bridges is still working out. Image via Instagram.

It’s not clear how the kids divide their time, but Bridges says she and Willis are prepared for the demands of a blended family.

“I know them all and Steve is a great father to them,” she told the Australian Women’s Weekly.

“They are all excited about it too. So I think it will all work. We will all come together when we can and it will just work.”

In addition to juggling Willis’s various children, Bridges is also managing to continue working closely with her ex-husband Bill Moore.

Michelle Bridges and Steve Willis. Image via Instagram.

She says that she and Moore have a civil business relationship.

“We have a good relationship. We spent a lot of years together and worked hard building up a business that benefits both of us. And just because we’re not together anymore, we didn’t see the need to wash all that away,” she told the Australian Women’s Weekly.

The couple will welcome their baby in December. Image via Instagram.

“It’s challenging, but what we try to do is step outside ourselves and remove the emotion from it all and set that aside, and then use our best judgment to try to make the best decisions we can. And to be honest, I am very proud of that.”

Bridges is due in December.

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