This is what Michelle Bridges used to look like. Seriously.

It’s Michelle Bridges like you’ve never seen her before.

If you need some next-level #fitspo, look no further than Michelle Bridges’ latest Instagram post.

Bridges, 44, has stunned us all by releasing archived images from her days as… A BODY BUILDER.

And you thought she had sculpted guns now… Those muscles are next-level.

In a caption accompanying the impressive photos, Bridges wrote:

“Throw Back Thursday! Ha! I’ve had a lot of people lately ask me about when I competed in Miss Figure, Miss Australia Fitness and Miss World Fitness in USA and are there any pics?? Here’s a couple of snaps from back in the day…. gawd that bikini was a bit small?!?”

“I’m cringing but also quite chuffed,” she added. “I wont the Miss Oceania title and other bits and pieces. Hard training. Tough nutrition. Ticked the box.”

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The Biggest Loser trainer and national health and fitness icon was the Miss Oceania “Overall Figure Winner” in 1996. At the time, she went by the name Michelle Dombrowski.

Michelle Bridges was the 1996 winner of Miss Oceania body building competition. She continues to impress.

Bridges has long been a beacon of fitness in Oz, recently telling news.com.au: “Exercise isn’t just about looking good in a pair of jeans or looking good in a dress for a wedding, it’s what it does for your head.”

“It does such good things for the way in which you think. There’s so much research out there on depression and anxiety and exercise, its completely linked,” she said.

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“And then of course what it does for you physiologically in terms of looking after your bone density and strengthening your ligaments and giving you a body that’s agile and energised. You’d be crazy not to do it!”


The fitness guru has admitted, though, that even she struggles to get motivated workout-wise sometimes.

“So many times I don’t feel like going for a workout – shock horror, Michelle Bridges says she doesn’t feel like going for a workout!,” she told The Glow earlier this week.

“Trust me – I wake up in the morning and think, ‘Ugh, I really don’t feel like going to the gym’. But I know on the other side of that, I’ll feel like a total rock star when I walk out of there.”

Michelle Bridges today. (Photo: Facebook.)

Her tip to get going? Switch into “Robot Mode”.

“I do not allow my brain to switch on.. I just do Robot Mode. Just get out of bed. Put your clothes on,” she said. “I don’t let myself start thinking, because as soon as I start thinking I’m on the slippery slope. ‘Oh, maybe I could train this afternoon’. ‘Oh, maybe I could do a double workout tomorrow’. Shut up. You’re already talking yourself out of it.”

Good for you, Mish.

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