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Michael Turnbull and Sarah Roza have been accused of staging paparazzi photos together.

It was the Aussie reality TV crossover we were (sort of) waiting for. Bachelor in Paradise’s Michael Turnbull was photographed looking friendly – and even sharing a kiss on the cheek – with former Married at First Sight contestant Sarah Roza outside a Melbourne dental clinic last month.

Granted it wasn’t the most romantic of date settings, but we all had our fingers crossed for an inter-dating-show relationship.

Then we found out via Woman’s Day that the 37-year-old had actually been dating another woman, Tash Candyce (who happens to have been in an episode of First Dates), and we were a little confused.

But the magazine spoke to a “friend” of Michael’s who offered a different take on events – that Michael and Sarah staged the photos – which were taken close range, a telltale sign of a potential set up – together for publicity.

Image: Instagram/Tash Candyce

"Tash was devastated when photos of Michael and Sarah Roza came out, but he insisted it was just a publicity stunt," the friend reportedly said.

Well, look, it wouldn't be the first time two reality stars made an 'arrangement' with a paparazzo.

So we spoke to the man himself to find out what's really going on, and Michael insisted he and the beauty therapist are just friends whose meeting that day - and, we presume, the presence of the photographer - was an utter coincidence.

"We share the same dentist, Vogue Dental, in Melbourne and we just happened to bump into each at the clinic," Michael told Mamamia.

"[Sarah] is just a friend of mine and always has been, so no romantic connection."

We put the same questions about whether the photo opportunity was planned in advance to Sarah Roza, but she is yet to respond.

As for Tash and Michael, well they're not seeing each other anymore.