Is Michael Turnbull's lavish lifestyle a big, fat lie?

Fake it til you make it, they say.

In possibly the most unsurprising Bachelor-related gossip yet, it appears The Bachelorette runner-up Michael Turnbull’s Instagram photos do not resemble his actual life.

Yep, apparently Michael’s been doing some serious posing and truth-exaggerating on social media. Shocking, we know.

According to the Daily Mail Australia, a picture the former soccer player posted on his Instagram account 41 weeks ago – long before his rose-collecting days – was actually taken from Google Images.

Good times #party #champagne #drinks

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The image of an ice bucket with three bottles of Cristal champagne – worth about $300 a pop – can actually be traced through a reverse Google Image search to a Getty Images photo from 2011. But Michael posted it with the caption: “Good times #party#champagne #drinks”. It’s not the first time the booted bachelor’s integrity has been called into question. The real estate agent was slammed for over-inflating his résumé after telling Sam Frost that playing for Australia, the Socceroos and at the Sydney Olympics were the highlights of his career.  

Inked life… #tattoo #rolex #fun #fashion #style #nightlife #love #fitness A photo posted by Bachelorette AU S1???? (@michael.d.turnbull) on


But it turned out he was in the squad, but didn’t actually play at the Olympics and played just six games of high level professional soccer in total.

It has also been claimed he only went on the reality show for fame, not love, after he started up a lifestyle website while the show was on air.

The Daily Mail also reckons the Rolex watch he has repeatedly flashed on Instagram is a phoney.

Good times #party #champagne #drinks

A photo posted by Bachelorette AU S1???? (@michael.d.turnbull) on

An unnamed “established watchmaker” told the publication Michael’s prized gold and diamond Rolex was “a fake and it’s an ugly fake”.

“Rolex don’t make ugly, and that’s ugly,” he said before pointing out the alleged tell-tale signs that the watch may not be all it’s made out to be.

It seems poor Michael just can’t catch a break. Though he might be a little more careful with what he posts from now on.