Michael from the Bachelorette once dated a very famous WAG.

You can’t blame her for liking easy-on-the-eye athletes, really.

Soccer player Michael Turnbull is known for being one of Sam Frost’s current favourites on The Bachelorette.

But it turns out he once had another well-known brunette love interest — and she’s one of Australia’s most famous WAGs.

Turnbull, who is one of Sam Frost’s favourites, also has a well-known ex.

Turnbull, 34, has revealed he once dated the current wife of cricketer Michael Clarke, Kyly.

“From memory I took her her to Bondi for lunch and we watched a movie,” Turnbull told OK Magazine of his date with Kyle.

He added that it didn’t work out for ‘whatever reason,’ but that he had recently spoken with 34-year-old Kyly after bumping into her in Sydney.

“Just before the show, I saw her while I was out having coffee. We said G’day and had a bit of a chat,” he said.

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It seems their split might have been for the best: Kyly now appears blissfully happy with Clarke, 34, if their Instagram photos are to be believed.

The pair married in 2012 in the NSW Blue mountains, and in July announced they are expecting their first child together.

Kyly and Michael Clarke, who announced in July they are expecting a baby. (Photo: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Turnbull has been busy enjoying the chemistry with bachelorette Sam Frost, 26, whom he kissed for the first time on the show this week.

“You’re a great kisser!” Frost told him after a serious snog session.

She later told the camera: “I love when I’m around him and this overwhelming feeling takes over.”

While Kyly has moved on with Michael Clarke, Turnbull is a frontrunner on The Bachelorette with Sam Frost. (Screenshot: Ten)

In a coincidental twist of beautiful-Sydney-people fate, it turns out Turnbull also knows Michael Clarke himself: A photo has emerged of the two Michaels hanging out at a Sydney nightclub back in 2008.

Lara Bingle, who was still engaged to the cricketer at the time, is also pictured in the party snap.

Turnbull, L, with Clarke and then-fiancee Bingle. (Photo: Facebook)

Turnbull previously made headlines when it emerged that he may have padded out his CV on the reality show, telling Frost: “the highlight of my career was playing for Australia and the Socceroos and also the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.”

But as Mamamia previously reported, the word is that Turnbull never played for the Socceroos, nor at the Sydney Olympics either. Apparently he was a substitute, but remained unused for all three games.

He does, however, manages to attract some rather gorgeous women, like Kyly and Sam. So that’s something, right?

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