Michael Turnbull announces new girlfriend. Says he's "taking it slow."

He might have lucked out with Sam Frost, but Michael Turnbull has nabbed himself a new bachelorette.

The woman in question is Isabella Gonsalves, a university student studying marketing from Brisbane. The pair have been sharing snaps of one another on social media for the last month or so, but Michael insists that it’s nothing serious. For now anyway.

When you realize he’s good for more than just handbag holding… Might keep you around @michael.d.turnbull ????

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“There is someone that I am spending some time with,” he confirmed to The Daily Mail. “But it is only early days.”

Little is known about Michael’s new woman, but The Daily Mail reports that she is roughly 22-years-old and appears to be still on her P-plates.

Jut yesterday, Gonsalves shared a host of images and videos of herself and the former football player snuggling up on a couch, including one in which they appeared giddy with excitement about the launch of Michael’s new fan website, Mychaelsquad.

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The site features articles about nutrition, education and life advice, as well as online store where fans can purchase Michael’s super special Made With Love bracelets. For 57 whole dollars. Each. Okay, so they’re made of lapis stones, 18K gold and silver, but still.

“The main purpose of the website is that it is a place where everyone can come together and a place where they can meet each other in a safe environment,” Michael told The Daily Mail.

“People can come to this place and talk to me personally and I can give them some advice that I have used in my life.”

Finally. We were beginning to feel a little lost without you, Michael.