IT'S OFFICIAL: The Bachelorette's Michael Turnbull has a new girlfriend.

It’s almost the start of another Bachie season and we couldn’t be more excited.

But as we rewatch promos of former Bachelorette runner-up and new Bachelor, Matty J, staring at the ocean and slowly putting on a shirt – another once-unlucky Bachelorette hopeful has confirmed some very exciting news.

Michael Turnbull, who came third in the race for Sam Frost’s heart in 2015, has told Mamamia he’s found romance and is very much smitten with a new girlfriend.

After posting an image of himself with smiling blonde ladyfriend to Instagram, captioned “The F**kin Catalina Wine Mixer with my ❤️ #imtheluckyone #thatsmile #tellingjokes,” Mamamia reached out to Michael to ask if this date was just what it looked like.


“Yes, we are together,” he told Mamamia. “She is an incredible woman and I feel very lucky to have her in my life.”

The media personality said he met his new squeeze, Dina Pinterić, while she was at work (as a manager at Politix, according to Instagram) in Brisbane, adding she’s “a breath of fresh air, to be honest”.

Michael also described the Croatian-born Dina as “very motivated and down to earth” and revealed that they are breaking down any language barriers.

“She is teaching me how to speak Croatian, I’m helping her with English, however, she is quite good at it already,” he shared.

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The former soccer player said the couple also enjoy cooking – and eating – together.

“We both love to cook, so dinner time is always a joint effort which I love – it’s always fun.”

“I mostly do the eating part though.”

While Michael is happy to report he’s in a relationship now, he said it hasn’t been easy to find the right person after appearing on The Bachelorette.

“It has been difficult since the show to meet someone who is genuine and has the same values I do,” he said.

Now that he’s found someone who fits the bill, we wish Michael and Dina all the best.