The Bachelorette's Michael Turnbull hits out after being 'ambushed' on the street by A Current Affair.

Bachelorette runner-up Michael Turnbull has what you call a love-hate relationship with A Current AffairA Current Affair love reporting on him, and Turnbull? Well, he hates it.

A ticked off Turnbull has posted a video on his social media pages lashing out at Channel 9 show for “ambushing” him while out for his morning coffee. He said he had ” a bit of a chuckle” when the TV crews jumped out from behind a car to try to get him “on the sly”.

A Current Affair are at it again, as they love to do with me. It’s my third time now so I’m feeling pretty special,” Turnbull said.

This time wanting to be on the front foot, Turnbull addressed his fans in the interest of “transparency” — which he repeats several times.

The 35-year-old said he was first probed about a skincare products company, named Nerium, he was bringing to Australia.


“They’re claiming this business is a pyramid scheme, that I’m all about ripping off Australians,” he said.

“I don’t support pyramid schemes in any way, shape or form.”

He denied the allegations and said it was a “legitimate business”.

He said he was also questioned over reports that Nerium’s anti-ageing products contain a toxic ingredient.

“Classic A Current Affair, didn’t do their research again,” he fired back.

He claimed he was not importing an unsafe formula and that the products met Australian regulations.

“They (ACA) probably don’t mention that on TV. In fact I didn’t even want to tell them what it’s about because people like that don’t deserve my time,” he said.

“I did what I could, I said what I could, but I wasn’t sure what I could say at the time.”


He also described how the interview unfolded.

“I invited them up to my home. I said, ‘you know what guys, we can do this weird, crazy, stalker, coward interview, you know the way
ACA do interviews, or we can do it here’,” he said.

So, off they went to Turnbull’s place.

There, he said he was asked about his football career, so he said he showed them evidence of his past playing for Australia — which he also presents in the clip.


He was asked whether he really drinks $1000-a-bottle Cristal wine — which he has claimed several times — so he showed his wine cupboard (but he didn’t have any at the time).

He even showed them his CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. For some reason.

Turnbull has previously been accused of faking his lavish lifestyle and for inflating his Socceroos career. He also raised eyebrows when he started approaching Brisbane restaurants for promotional collaborations on social media.


Clearly a lot was discussed in his time with A Current Affair, because he said he was also asked about the $57 bracelets he sells as part of his #Mychaelsquad brand.

He emphatically said they were more than just jewellery because “it represents gratitude, for what you have in your life.”

“Will I get rich selling $50 bracelets? No. Was that my intention? Never,” he said.

He hit out at A Current Affair‘s journalism style and said he asked the interviewer, “Are you happy with your life, mate?”

“I’m not having a go at him personally but I think he… should be using his so-called powers for good rather than dragging people down,” he said.

He said he only wanted to “help and inspire people”. He spoke of his charity work, including the $13,000 date he auctioned off to raise funds for cancer.

“I just want to make sure people know that I was fully transparent with them, I’m not hiding anything, I’m not about to start hiding things from you guys,” Turnbull said.

“If you see the stuff on A Current Affair, it’s edited to look like I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m ripping people off, and that’s certainly not the case. I’m all about transparency.”