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"Maybe I judged him too soon." 7 moments you may have missed in last night's MAFS.

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The final couples have gotten married and thank goodness because we’re sick of watching other people’s weddings.

Last night we were introduced to Mishel and Steve (promising) and Stacey and Michael (utterly disastrous). You can catch up on last night’s recap here.

Here are all the moments you may have missed from last night’s episode.

MAFS Experts: UNCUT. Exactly what goes down behind the scenes (not really). Post continues below.

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1. John Aiken and Steve are surely related.

The experts lied about receiving 15,000 applicants from people wanting to be on MAFS. In fact, the pickings are so dire they’ve had to poach their inner circles. Case in point, Steve, who is definitely related to John.

Is Steve even British? Or did John make him put on an accent to quell our suspicions?

The photos speak for themselves:

We can't un-see this. Image: Channel 9.

2. We got some more insight into how the experts match up couples.

Oh. So this is how they do it. Monday night's episode proved that while the experts are on their t-shirt smelling bullsh*t, they employ other tactics as well.

To find Michael's perfect partner, they made him look at photos of two brunette women wearing red lipstick and a blonde woman who is wearing purple lipstick (?).

We just don't know how the experts find these people.

Are ? Image: Channel 9.
You? Image: Channel 9.
Real people? Image: Channel 9.

3. We need to talk about John's 'thinking face'.

This is the face John Aiken puts on when he hears the deeply saddening stories of the people who have voluntarily (or so we're told) put themselves on this show.

It says equal parts: 'Have we gone too far with this sh*t' and 'Yes, tell me more about your trauma that I will manipulate into drama'.

#content. Image: Channel 10.

4.  Michael... we need to have a chat about your diet.

Ahhhh, now we understand why he needs to go on a national dating show to find love.

Despite being the owner of many fancy watches and his own business, Michael is a bit lost in other aspects of his life.

He eats plain pasta and chips, and lays out animal skin rugs in his eight-person cinema... which he sits in alone.

At least get some parmesan on that spaghetti or at least a squeeze of sauce on those chips. You're worrying us.

Do you have an Uber Eats account y/n? Image: Channel 10.

5. These people don't know what they're rowing into.

There's nothing that'll ruin the romantic wedding between two strangers than seeing a couple (who haven't just met for the first time) enjoying an actual romantic day out.

Also, props to this Venetian gondola inspired lake cruise situation.

HOW'S THE AMBIANCE. Image: Channel 9.

6. Michael has clearly never had a box of Favourites.

In his vows, Michael tried to make an analogy between their sham marriage and a box of Cadbury's Favourites.

"A man at a bus stop once told me life is like a box of chocolates," he begins to Stacey's absolute horror. "Three experts have reached into a box of Favourites and picked out my life partner."

"One who I know will be a huge 'boost' to my life. Someone, I can 'crunch' through life with," he continues.

"One who I can 'snickers' at her every joke and one who I can 'twirl' around the dancefloor until we're dizzy."

Stacey would like to die now. Image: Channel 10.

Now, we see a few issues with this. Firstly, Michael please, when was the last time you caught public transport and secondly, you don't get Snickers or Twirls in a box of favourites. Everybody knows that.

7. The moment Stacey realises Michael is rich and it changes... everything.

We're almost at the end of their wedding and Stacey hates Michael. She's heard his Favourites analogy and also his laugh and has decided she'd very much like to just pretend he doesn't exist.

Then her bridesmaid informs her that he's actually the heir to an ice dynasty or... something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


In that moment Stacey realises that she may have "judged him too soon" because she obviously didn't know about all the watches and also all the free... ice.

Stacey pls.

What were your favourite moments from last night's episode of MAFS? Tell us in a comment below.

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