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"A big motherf**king shark." 7 moments you may have missed in last night's MAFS.

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The honeymoons are done and we are one step away from the dinner party. Finally.

Despite a little tension, which you can read about in the recaps here, the couples all seem to be getting along.

Here are the moments you may have missed.

MAFS Experts: UNCUT. Exactly what goes down behind the scenes (not really). Post continues below.

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1. Michael really likes Baby Shark.

This is the second time Michael has referenced the infamous children’s song.

He previously busted out ‘Baby Shark’ at his wedding while three bottles deep potentially tipsy in order to entertain people who were definitely not children. Then on his honeymoon, he and Stacey have a fight for  reasons we’re still not entirely sure about.

They eventually resolve their fight. Michael suggests they go on a jet ski ride, to which Stacey says: “I hope a shark eats you”.

“A baby shark?” he replies, hopefully.


“A big motherf**king shark,” she clarifies.

Same, Stacey, same.

2. This scene from Ivan and Aleks’ honeymoon was unnecessary.

After losing his phone in their fancy Versace Rolls Royce, Ivan spends the majority of he and Aleks’ screen time searching for it.

The producers then make a joke about how “Ivan just has one thing on his mind”. There’s also sleazy background music that makes us feel as if we’re in a 70s porno.

He says things like, “I’m almost there” and “I’m so close” and we feel dirty.

MAFS 2020 Episode 7
NO. Image: Channel 9.

Side note: Ivan and Aleks relationship is actually going smoothly and wtf. We did not sign up for this sh*t.

3. Let's talk about Steve's luge incident.

After crashing his luge into a corner, Steve becomes quite concerned about his pants. Mainly because they're very expensive and go from being $300 to $400 in one scene.

"I've ripped my $300 pants," he tells the camera, before telling Mishel they were $400 pants.

Steve pls.

MAFS 2020 Episode 7
Also, the "rip" is rather negliable. Image: Channel 9.

4. Surely, the producers could have sent Steve and Mishel somewhere they both enjoy.

Guys. Stop sending people skiing. Nobody likes it. In fact, stop sending couples on trips that involve extreme sports, this isn't The Bachelor.


Steve and Mishel are forced to go to Queenstown, New Zealand, where they have to do things like go down a mountain on a luge and ski.

The thing is, Steve doesn't like 'extreme sports' and Mishel hates the cold, which makes skiing... complicated.

MAFS 2020 Episode 7
Nobody is having a good time, especially Mishel. Image: Channel 9.

At least it wasn't a Thredbo honeymoon like Natasha and Mikey.

5. Bloody hell, Connie and Jonethen are cute.

Connie and Jonethen are angels and on the last night of their honeymoon, they finally kissed. It was a moment. Yes for them but mainly for us.

MAFS 2020 Episode 7
We must protect them at all costs. Image: Channel 9.

You see, Jonethen didn't want to "push any boundaries" and logical pitfall aside (you're literally married) they're taking things at their own pace and we respect that. Plus, expert Trish says their "research" shows their "physical compatibility" is one of the highest and this is the only time we'll believe her.


6. Somebody tell Steve you should never complain to a woman about them complaining.

After days of being cold and doing activities neither of them want to do (see above), Steve confronts Mishel about complaining too much. This is a recipe for disaster. As a 52-year-old man, Steve should know this.

They have a fight because Mishel is annoyed and wants to complain but Steve doesn't let her.

MAFS 2020 Episode 7
Wrong move Steven. Image: Channel 9.

By some stroke of blind luck, they turn things around and decide to go to an Italian restaurant for bolognese. Because pasta fixes all.

7. Why is there no furniture in Connie and Jonethen's cabin?

Clearly, the producers ran out of budget for the honeymoons and put Connie and Jonethen up in what looks like an empty Broome AirBnB. They don't even mind because they're lovely people and spent their entire week-long honeymoon watching the sunset and splashing each other in the pool.

MAFS 2020 Episode 7
Where is the furniture?? Image: Channel 9.

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