"It wasn't just comedy, he used it as a tool": The sinister theory about Michael Jackson's The Simpsons cameo.

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, you’ll remember Michael Jackson’s famous cameo where he voiced the character of Leon Kompowsky – a man Homer befriends in a mental institution who thinks he’s the singer.

But as allegations of Jackson’s paedophilia makes headlines thanks to the documentary Finding Neverland, more twisted claims are being revealed about his motives.

Simpsons writer and executive producer Al Jean thinks Jackson used his appearance on the show as a “tool” to appeal to children.

A clip of Jackson appearing as Kompowsky in the 1991 episode. Post continues after video.

Video by The Simpsons

“What saddens me, is if you watch the documentary and then you watch that episode [of The Simpsons] it looks like the episode was used by Michael Jackson for something other than what we’d intended it.

“It wasn’t just a comedy for him, it was something that was used as a tool. And I strongly believe that,” he told the Daily Beast.

The episode Stark Raving Dad, was pulled from circulation last week in the wake of the documentary.

“That is why I think removing it is appropriate,” Mr Jean added.

Listen to Mamamia’s news podcast The Quicky deep dive into the allegations against Michael Jackson. Post continues after audio.

The episode was one of the most successful in the series thanks to Jackson’s cameo, and Jean and the franchise will lose out financially by pulling it. But he doesn’t mind.

“I don’t believe in going through and making judgements on every guest star and staying ‘this one is bad, that one was bad’ but the episode itself has a false purpose and that’s what I object to now,” he told The Daily Beast.

Mr Jean points out that he doesn’t know this as a fact, but it’s his strong belief. “And that makes me very, very sad.” he said.

He isn’t the first person to second guess Jackson’s motives. Several interviewees in the recent documentary pointed to how he fitted out the Neverland range to appear like a child’s paradise, attracting children to come.

Michael Jackson always travelled with young boys. Image: Getty.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck both claim it was after a day of rides, eating candy and watching kid's TV, that the star would molest them.

Throughout his adult life, Jackson enjoyed close friendships with a series of young boys, including Robson and Safechuck, whose accounts the documentary explores, and was regularly photographed with them as he took them on tour, and invited them over for sleepovers.

He was acquitted of child sex abuse allegations in 2005, but Safechuck and Robson claim they lied and supported Jackson's 'innocence' even at trial, because they'd been groomed into staying quiet.

They told the documentary Jackson told them he'd go to jail and they'd go to jail if anyone ever found out.

Five boys have now publicly accused Jackson of sexually abusing them.

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