Michael Clarke hid in the boot of a car following his breakup with Lara Bingle.

Former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke has reflected on the difficult weeks that followed the end of his engagement to Lara Worthington (then Bingle).

Clarke and Worthington called off their engagement in 2010 after two years of dating, and were immediately swamped by a media storm that circled their shared Bondi home.

Clarke told 60 Minutes reporter Allison Langdon the brutal reality of their split was not something he could have ever anticipated, reported.

“That was heavy. That was cameras 24/7,” he said.

“That wasn’t my dream, I didn’t know that came with playing cricket for Australia.”

Michael Clarke. (Source: Nine Network.)

The father went on to describe how the pressures of the post-split spotlight made it impossible for him to remain in his own home.

“I got to a stage when I came back that I actually couldn’t stay in my own house,” he said.


The desperation to leave became so much he decided the only way out was via the cramped boot of a friend's car.

“I didn’t feel comfortable. So I ended up hiding in the boot of my mate’s car, he picked me up in the garage, um and snuck out without the media ... seeing me," he said.

The ring at the heart of the toilet controversy. (Source: Getty Images.)

The story of their split only intensified after Fairfax reported plumbers had been called to the split couple's apartment block to retrieve an "item of significant value."

It was believed the item was the model's diamond engagement ring, worth around $200,000. The search was said to be unsuccessful.

The story was later denied by both Worthington's agent and Clarke himself.

The tell-all interview is set to air on Sunday night's episode of 60 Minutes at 8:30 on Channel Nine.