Michael Clarke finally speaks about Lara Bingle's "flushed" engagement ring.

On tonight’s episode of 60 Minutes, Michael Clarke sat down with reporter Allison Langdon — and nothing about his past was off-limits.

While questioning the former cricket captain about his relationship breakdown with model Lara Worthington (then Bingle), Langdon wanted to know one thing:

What really happened to the ring?

Just in case you’ve forgotten, allow us to refresh your memory. Following the breakdown of the couple’s relationship in early 2010, reports swirled that Bingle’s engagement ring had been flushed down the couple’s toilet.

It was worth a whopping $200,000.

The ring at the heart of the toilet controversy. (Source: Getty Images.)

Plumbers from a local company, Twin Pipes, were quoted at the time saying they'd been called to an apartment at 2:30am. Reportedly, a well-known couple were concerned after "someone had placed something, worth a lot of money, down the toilet".

Despite looking for this mystery item was for hours, and using a camera in the pipes, nothing was to be found.

At the time, both representatives for the couple denied the ring had been flushed down the toilet. However, Clarke has finally put an end to the claims.

"I'd like to say I'm a very silly man. But I'm not that silly," the 35-year-old said tonight.

"I'm not throwing any diamond ring down a toilet. [The reports were] complete made-up 100 percent bullsh*t."

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Langdon then questioned the cricketer as to whether the lifestyle he was living at the time had 'invited' the excessive media attention he received.

"Some would say yes ... but I was living how I loved living," he answered.

He also confessed that following the breakup, the media coverage was almost unbearable.

"I got to a stage when I came back that I actually couldn’t stay in my own house," he said.

"I didn’t feel comfortable. So I ended up hiding in the boot of my mate’s car, he picked me up in the garage, um and snuck out without the media ... seeing me."