Michael Buble’s wife talks about her son’s horrifying accident.

Michael Buble‘s 22-month-old son, Noah was rushed to hospital in Buenos Aires in June this year.

The young tot had scolded himself with boiling water. But that’s all we knew about the horrifying accident. (You can read about it here.)

Now Buble’s wife, Luisana Lopilato has told about what happened when her son went to hospital with serious burns to his body. And his recovery since.

“I have to dress his wounds and he suffers because it hurts and he complains,” she told Argentinian magazine Luz.

Luisana and Noah. Image via @luisanalopilato Instagram.

The 28-year-old told the magazine that her son poured hot water over himself, which gave him significant burns. She admitted that she still asks herself why it happened.

"He climbed onto the kitchen work-top in a second and threw hot water over himself," she told Luz.

It's reported that the toddler had burns to six percent of his body when he was rushed to the hospital.

"At one point the doctors told me they'd have to do skin grafts but thank God it started healing little by little. For a long time he has to use elastic bands pressed tight so he's not left with scars," she added.

Noah with his dad, Michael Buble. Image via @michaelbuble Instagram.

Noah has to have his mum dress his wounds every day now and still suffers a lot of pain from his awful injury.

When the accident happened Buble was away, but he tweeted about the incident, assuring his fans that his son was going to be okay.

The couple gave birth to Noah in August 2013. They are expecting a second child in April next year.

They announced it with this cute video (Post continues after the video)...

Video via Michael Buble

The accident with Noah is a stark reminder to parents that hot water can be a danger to young children.

Better Health Victoria suggests that to reduce the risk of your kids getting injured from hot water you should install a recommended device that controls the maximum hot water temperature. They say you can install tempering valves or hot water shutdown devices.

We wish little Noah the quickest recovery.

Raising Children has helpful advice on what to do if your child suffers from a burn. Click here.

Do you know enough about hot water safety?

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