Mia's top 10 picks for your summer wardrobe (and 20% off for you).

Hey you guys, so it's been a hectic week and I don't know about you, but the way I like to deal with my emotions is by buying them clothes. Some people eat their feelings, I buy things for mine.

You might remember me telling you before that my close friend Vanessa Cranfield (we met when our boys were at kindy together 16 years ago) has a label called South Of The Border, which is like my fashion sense come to life. She has always been someone whose style I've copied because we share a style sensibility. We are both mothers in our 40s who like to have fun with clothes but need to be comfortable and practical at the same time (even if/when we're wearing sequins or sparkles). We get in and out of cars a lot. We bend down. We walk places fast. We're not size zero or even close to it (my body is 'confronting',  in case you haven't heard. )

So here is my edit, with Ness, of my top 10 picks for Summer. I own every piece and I can't stop wearing any of them.

Type in "MIAx" (that sounds like my porn name but it will save you money) as the promo code at checkout and you will get 20 PERCENT OFF.

Here is a note from Vanessa:

"Mia says she is often asked if she owns part of South of the Border because of how often she wears our clothes. There is a reason for this. She is exactly the person I think of when I'm working on my pieces. Mia is a working mother, spinning plates, just like the rest of us. She needs clothes that take her from the workplace to school pickup, then soccer with a dog walk in between.

Her clothes need to be comfortable and flattering, but she still loves colour and sparkle and dresses with a sense of fun.

I love that she is funny and fearless and not afraid to have a  bit of a play. Mia wears what she loves, not what is dictated to her by fashion or rules. She bravely treads where many would not dare to go… leopard, floral with a bit of stripe and sparkle thrown in - Mia asks, why not?

She’s been known to match dresses to play dough, frequently wears necklaces that look like lollies and when her kids tell her her outfit is a little much, her answer is to add more.

Here are Mia’s top picks from South of the Border this season. You can click on any picture to see the other colours and patterns each item comes in (I think she owns all of them) and you get 20% off when you enter the promo code MIAx at checkout.

Go crazy.

Vanessa x"
South of the Border

Archer Blazer $189
So summer. Chuck it on with anything. Looks particularly good over white.

Soft Slouch Short $89 
They look like a skirt but have the practicality of shorts. Winner.

Folksong Dreamcatcher Tee $89
Chuck it under anything. Works with jackets or alone.

Mayan Beaded Sandal $99

Like wearing summer on your feet.

Elle Laceup Flat $169
Because animal print is a neutral.

Disco Beaded Short $159
Sparkly skorts! Pretty skorts!

Elle lace-up flat - Black

Mazatlan Embroidered Short $159
More shorts that look like skirts!

Above: Azteca Beaded Sandal $99
I've always been obsessed with overalls. These are the most flattering pair I've owned.

Below: Anika Embellished Cape $269
It's a sparkly cape you guys! Works with jeans, shorts or anything. Makes you feel like a rockstar.
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