PODCAST: That time Mia Freedman accidentally shoplifted.

This one time?

Mia Freedman accidentally shoplifted.

While out shopping, Mia tried on some goods in the change room, purchased herself a few things and then happily walked out the door with her bag. Except the security beeper went off.

Changeroom accidents happen, right?

And while the burly guard waved her bag back and forth through the beeper gates, Mia glanced down to see….GASP………a top.

Sitting in her giant, Mary-Poppins sized handbag.

Amongst the detritus of life: laptop, creams, wallet, phone, bobby pins, notebooks, snacks, her huge mug (yes, she travels with her own mug and teabags), a top had somehow found it’s way into the black hole vortex of Freedman’s handbag.

Bright red, jaw hanging, she fished it out, flung it at the security guard, apologised, stumbled, and before he could do anything, walked outta there, pronto.

She’ll never be a lifter.

But not all shoplifting is accidental, nor is it the exclusive domain of errant teens. There’s a slew of wealthy women out there doing it for the thrills.

Yep.  These rich woman can DEFINITELY afford the latest designer watch or shade of Dior lipstick, but they’d rather steal it.  It’s the thrill of it you see. The rush of adrenaline that comes with the cat and mouse game of the five finger discount.

And they know how to fool even the best shop assistants.

Winona.  We know how this one turns out.

There’s a whole seedy underworld of blogs dedicated to the art of lifting.  Tumblr blogs with cute names like “Call Me Sticky Fingers”, “Klepto Princess” and “Luxe Lifting”. They trade advice in the psychology and the science of it, tallying up their items like some sort of bizarre, illegal The Price Is Right showcase.

Apparently, methods include dropping cash on an expensive kaftan, and while you’re acting confident, smiling warmly, smuggling in some accessories with it. Or stashing the goods behind their adorable and non-suspect baby.

Illegal. Immoral. And just plain stupid.

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Have you ever accidentally shoplifted? Did you ‘fess up?

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