Mia Freedman is legally changing her name.

Ten years on from launching, Mamamia co-founder and creative director Mia Freedman has announced plans to change her surname, citing personal and professional reasons for the move.

“Don’t get me wrong, my name and I have had some pretty good adventures together over the years,” Freedman said. “I’ve forged my career with it, had it plastered on book covers, and even allowed it to appear on television screens in front of my face from time to time. And for quite a while, I never really thought much about it. After all, what’s in a name other than licences, bills and tax returns, right?”

“But recently, almost completely out of nowhere, I had a lightning bolt realisation about my name. We launched Mamamia from my loungeroom with the aim of making a difference in women’s lives. To create a stronger and more visible representation for women, by women.  And yet here I am with the word ‘man’ in my very own name,” she said.

The news of Freedman’s pending name change comes weeks ahead of her new book, titled ‘Work Strife Balance‘, release, and conveniently, ahead of the end of Daylight’s Savings.

mia freedman mamamia
Mia Freedman is soon to become her authentic, true self. Source: provided.

"I'm sure there will be people out there who find this over the top or a step too far in feminism," Freedman said. "But hey, as soon as the paperwork goes through, I really am a freed woman, in name and spirit!"

So, formally, we'd like to introduce you to Mamamia's co-founder and creative director.

Mia Freedwoman.

Oh! P.S... Happy April Fool's Day, everybody ;)