Mia became famous for asking 'Why not both?' in an Old El Paso ad. It upended her life.

It's a line still uttered today whenever any decision needs to be made: "Why not both?"

Plucked from an Old El Paso advertisement about crunchy or soft tacos, the standout line turned viral meme came from a young girl who offered the simple solution.

Mia Agraviador was six years old when she became known for the Spanish catchphrase, "Porque no los dos?" in the ad, which aired in Australia (and, fun fact, New Zealand too) for the first time 14 years ago.

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Now a 20-year-old barista and artist in Sydney, Mia appeared on SBS Insight during an episode about people who suddenly found themselves in the spotlight.

She said the ad - and the memes it spurred - had a really negative impact on her as a young adult.

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She recalled everyone at her high school knowing who she was, and peers asking her regularly to say the infamous line.

"I would just roll with it but deep down I would feel annoyed and like, I wish people knew the person that I am.


"I never really had a proper, long-term friend," she said.

She said similar in a 2019 interview with Pedestrian, remembering being shy about her notoriety as a child.

"I actually didn't like that attention. I really had a time where I didn't like it and I felt really uncomfortable and upset if anyone talked about it," she said.

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Mia turned to art during her childhood as a way to express herself.

When she was 15, one of her paintings - a portrait of her brother - was chosen as a finalist for the Young Archibald Prize.

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"It kind of gave me a little bit of purpose during those times because however I felt, I would go and come up with an idea, 'I'm going to create this drawing which represents the way I feel'," she said on Insight.

But along with that, came a lot of pressure.

"Teachers would say 'Wow, Mia, you're so talented'. Then they would put it side-by-side with the taco ad as well, they'd be like 'And you're famous, you're just a little rockstar aren't you'. 

"I felt a lot of pressure and I stepped away, and I didn't finish by HSC piece and I just needed a break."

Mia said she'd done a lot of growing up since leaving school, had taken up dance and was slowly getting back to drawing.

She's also fully embraced her taco-based history: even her Instagram profile reads 'Hi! Yes, I'm the 'Porque No Los Dos?' Taco Girl'.

"Now when people bring up the taco ad, I'm just like, 'Yeah, that was me.' I was six years old and it's not something I am ashamed of anymore," she told Insight.

"It's actually brought a lot of positive experiences to my life, and a lot of really cool opportunities. I think people know who the real Mia is now."