A mother's heartbreak: "What can I tell my sons? What is the truth?"

A Perth mother has spoken of how, one year on, after the disappearance of Malaysia Flight MH370, she still struggles with what to tell her sons about where their Daddy is.

One year of questioning. One year of wondering. One year of anguish and heartbreak.

For the families of the 239 passengers aboard missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of the plane is a heartbreaking anniversary.

And yet it looms, just days away.

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Danica Weeks ( Source: Dateline, SBS)

When the plane went missing on March 8 last year, no one ever imagined it would become one of the greatest aviation mysteries in history.

Perth mother Danica Weeks spoke to SBS Dateline saying that she still holds hope her husband will return.

Paul Weeks, from New Zealand, was travelling to Mongolia to work when the plane went missing.

Danica said that one-year on all she wants to know is the truth.

She wrote for SBS, telling of the heartbreak of living with this reality:

“Twelve months on, I know no more of what has happened to my soulmate, best friend, amazing father and husband, than I did on March 8th 2014.

“And the only people, the Malaysian Authorities, who are legally and morally tasked with telling us the truth are either hiding it or don’t know themselves.

“But how do we know as they continue to be non-transparent and treat us as a nuisance, only hoping, it feels, that we will all just go away.”


Danica Weeks has said that the hardest part is when her four-year-old son screams at her “bring my Daddy back.”

“Staring into his eyes full of anger and sadness as your heart breaks, the only words I can conjure up are ‘I’m sorry darling I can’t.’

Danica and Paul:”I know no more of what has happened to my soulmate, best friend, amazing father and husband”

“And I can’t promise him I can, if only to relieve a small portion of his heartbreak, as I’ve tried everything to do that for them both, bring their Daddy home dead or alive, as me more than anyone knows everything they are missing out on.

“But how are they supposed to comprehend or understand that now, they just want him back, the huge void to be filled. And I know they say you should always tell children the truth, but what is the truth here? I wish desperately someone would tell me!”

Danica continues to cope with the day to day realities of life.

She told Dateline she believes someone, somewhere knows something.

“To me it feels like the biggest aviation cover-up of all time,” she said.

While she continues to fight for answers she has to cope with the day-to-day reality of life with two children. Her son started school this year, a milestone for any family, but one Danica had to go through alone.

In a letter published in The New Zealand Herald, she spoke of her heartbreak each and every day.

“Dear Paully,

We miss you so very much and the boys have grown up so much in your absence. Jack is now talking up a storm.

His favourite word at the moment is “Hulk Smash” which Lincoln taught him, of course, along with a few other not so choice words … lol.

And Jack’s favourite toys are Thomas and Toy Story – yes, not quite what we were hoping for so he could share Lincoln’s many cars you brought him, but Lincoln is quite glad that he doesn’t have to share them!

They play so well together too and Lincoln has taken on part of the Daddy role teaching Jack everything you taught him, like how to wash in the shower and clean every toothypeg.

As he says, “Jack, not like that, like this, just as Daddy showed me”.

Lincoln has also started school this year at Upper Swan, not Melvern Springs as we had planned as we were outside the catchment, but it is a great school and they have chickens next door which Linc is very happy about.

I so hope one day you get to come and see him there and hear Jack talking and developing.

You would be so proud of them both, but I know you already were. As we knew Linc would for those 28 days you were meant to be away, he misses you so much.

It breaks my heart when he cries for you or begs me to bring you home.

It is so unfair on them missing out on you and you them. But I only hope I can do that my darling; bring you home to us.

I wish this every day and will never give up trying.

We need you, and nearly a year on with no idea of where you are or what has happened, our life is not complete without you and never will be. Please come home, please come home.

Love always and forever,

Danica, Lincoln and Jack xx”

The search for MH370 — currently being led by Australia — has so far found no traces of the plane. It is the most expensive search and rescue in Australia’s history — costing up to $89.9 million in total.

So far nearly 40 per cent of the search area in the Great Southern Ocean has been scoured, but still the mystery remains.

It is now being discussed how long Australia will continue to support this search.

40 per cent of search area completed.

Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss told Dateline: “We’re determined to put in the maximum, the best possible effort, and if the aircraft is where we think it is, we’re confident we can find it.”

He acknowledges that all the families want is closure.

Danica Weeks told Dateline: “I search on the phone, on the internet, just constantly looking for one piece of information that will tell me where they are. That’s just the most crazy thing of all, is how do you lose a plane? I wake up every day and say, ‘How do you lose a plane?’ They fly past here every day. I think, ah, it’s impossible. It’s truly impossible.”

 To watch Danica Week’s full interview on SBS visit this page here.

To read her letter in The New Zealand Herald visit this page here. 

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