Olympic gymnast Alexa Moreno has been called a "pig" by body shamers.

Despite weighing a sprightly 45kg, being capable of aerial splits and competing in the OLYMPICS, a Mexican gymnast has been compared to a “pig” for absolutely no reason.

After competing for her country in the artistic gymnastics in Rio on Sunday, 22-year-old Alexa Moreno was taunted online by cruel trolls.

Apparently, Olympic-level taut is not taut enough.

One Twitter user captioned an image of Peppa Pig with the words: “Exclusive images of Alexa Moreno following her gymnastics routine.”

Meanwhile, some other a**hole tweeted, “Alexa Moreno has the body of two gymnasts together, a diet before going to the Olympics would have been nice.”

It’s worth noting that, aside from having a teenie tiny BMI, Mexico is rarely represented in gymnastics at an Olympic-level.

By all accounts Morena killed it, too – expertly landing herself into 12th place.

Thankfully, common sense has now prevailed in the Twitterverse and many other suitably-impressed mere mortals have now come to her defence.

We’d like to see a troll to a back flip like that, to be quite honest.

Meanwhile these are the Aussie women we’ve been keeping an eye on Rio:


Featured image: Twitter